Sunday, 16 April 2017


How did Easter in 2017 come around so soon?
It was only Christmas a moment ago!
This is how the beginning of this year has been.
Between going away on holiday, coming home to work and business has just boomed!
At a time when I thought it would be good to go the other way - the opposite happened...
and with that - UGH - Bookwork!
If you only knew how much I LOATHE bookwork/emails/phonecalls! Soooo much of it!
Anyway... scrapping, crafting, arting - has been a little light on, but its still there -
 in the background and will post some soon :)
First though... the EASTER TABLE....
Weeeeeeell,  Paige now studies away and its her very first Easter without us (very sad face)
I did mention to Hannah... maybe I wont do the Easter breakfast table this year....
and she was HORRIFIED!  and went on to say its a must!  No discussion!
Soooooo..... must is was.... and here it is....
 Bit of blue and pink and white
Then it was off to the farm with all the extended family for lunch :)
Hope you've all had wonderful hip-hoppety fun!