Sunday, 12 February 2017

2017 Recycled Diary and Farewell to Our Beautiful World

 I feel like I'm pedalling to catch up!
I did take photos of my diary project earlier last month, just not the time to upload and chat about them :) 
I love to use tossed aside little antique books for my yearly diaries, colouring gesso and painting each page.  Tedious you might think... maybe, but I leave everything out and when walking past, dab another double page, leave it to dry and re-wrap the brush in cling wrap to keep it moist. And repeat, repeat, repeat LOL!
Before too long, its done and I start stamping the dates in - fun part...along with finding great calendar pics for each month :)
Here's how this one went...
I love how these little books feel in my hands!  (6"x4")
Not sure if you can see... but its gold guilt edged - bonus!

It says 'Sketch Book' but its not sketches as in drawings but in words, plays etc.

Coloured the gesso slightly to an very slight cream/yellow sepia colour
About to add the colour here!

Blotted out bits and stamped over bits :)
Weeeeell, it did have a couple of drawings in it ..

Yes, its a cat theme this year!!

 And added in bits

Some type I don't cover - book information or dates or where it was published etc


And now its being used and loved and written in.
Sadly this is the last week
I've enjoyed every minute of being part of Kirsty's team and what a lovely team!
OBW has keep my blog ticking along when nothing else has.  Between a loss of mojo, overwhelmed with a huge workload (never to be repeated!) and generally just couldn't face my scrap desk. I was grateful for it and it kept me committed. 
Sigh....  but this aside...
lets join in with the last one with a smile... because.....
 what a wonderful word to use..
Who loves his 'spot'  and I love to see him so cosy and restful
This truly has been a post about love (even my cat diary!)
Join in one last time with your LOVE photography stories 

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Our Beautiful World

Hello!!  I'm back!
The end of the school holidays has arrived and already we are looking back at our holiday away with fond memories (and wishing we could go back!!)
So what has gone on... weeeeell, we celebrated Hannah's 22nd birthday and our anniversary (same day- just different year!)  It was the very first time in Hannah's life we did not spend it with her.
And of course its always been about Hannah's birthday and by the time we get to the end of the day its like... 'oh yeah, by the way..... happy anniversary' 
We knew one day we would celebrate our anniversary properly.
Sooooo, while we were away (without the kids for the first time in 20 years)
and while the family gathered around Hannah to surprise her with a fabulous birthday back home...
We actually got to go out to dinner and have an anniversary all day!
What else... yes I turned another year older a week or so after that....  and now am preparing to get back to work with a fairly solid workload fronting up, that's all good!

Oh.... boy do I ever have a lot of Project Life pages to catch up on!
That's the next thing on the list!!!

And, while I was away,  I did happen to miss a couple of topics for
Our Beautiful World due to travelling and very intermittent internet....
However you can link up your
photos   HERE
Oooh this is a fave of yummy for me!!  LOVE for morning or afternoon tea!
And here's a couple of photos topics I missed while away,
but are now closed...
A tropical hibiscus flower
Hannah enjoying the quiet and as usual, reading.
This was a theme park ride... converted bicycles - so clever and creative!
Still - there is time to join in on