Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Sketches in Thyme PL style and Our Beautiful World....

 Thought its about time to do a challenge...
So with Project Life about the only thing I really scrap these days...
Sketches in Thyme fits in easily.

Here's the first sketch #25

I've flipped this on its side :)

Sometimes I really love to do a full page LO for my PL album,
yet still was able to do the little sketch on a smaller 6x6 diecut piece,
then place it on the LO to complete the bigger picture.

 Sketch # 26

Not quite the picture sentiment... but found a puffy sticker,
and cut out a pic of this little cartoon cat - believe me,
this is the exact physique of Blackie!

Poor Blackie, forever in a state of anxiety!
Trying to get the floor ready for new tiles - the boards underneath were in shocking
condition so needed to be replaced.  Blackie was beside himself with the disappearing floor!

Sketch # 27

 Don't you just love the 'crazy cat' stamps!
Suits Blackie to a tee!

He really does like to 'look' outside, but its very short-lived everytime!

This weeks theme...
The lovely white powdery sand of our local beach at dusk
Share your 'by the sea' photography stories


Deb said...

Love your PL page. Had a chuckle at kitty cat's a scaredy cat too.

Lizzy Hill said...

Love seeing your PL....that top one is so clever! And those little cat faces peeking up out of the bottom the PL pockets.....giggles! Your poor cat. You'll give him a heart attack with all those renovations at this rate!!!!! Never mind....sounds like you're 'getting there'. Tom's decided to do a bit to my scrap room. Laudy! The MESS in there atm. So I've grabbed my PL for our trip and moved it inside to do in the not much scrapping here, either atm:):)

Ros Crawford said...

I absolutely love this week's photo ... It just say By the Sea perfectly!

Lizzyc said...

I love how you incorporate your pl size elements on your pages.. and had a chuckle when I saw the black cat piccy and then saw your blackie.. so alike!! wonderful creating!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Loveeeeee your pages! Poor Blackie ... they never seem to understand when things start moving around! And loving your sea photo! That is fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wen Green said...

Beautiful beach photo! And the photos of Blackie are priceless :) Great LO's

Ariadne said...

Beautiful soft sand!AriadnefromGreece!

Barbara Greenberg said...

Great use on all the Sketches in Thyme PL style sketches. I really love that full traditional page it really tells a story.

Audrey Pettit said...

Your pages are so adorable, Mandy! I am grinning ear to ear at your silly cat images... how absolutely perfect to capture timid little Blackie! Love that cartoon cat, and Tim's crazy cats really do suit him to a T!

Lori said...

I always love to see your work! Great take on our PL sketches, too! That first one on the full layout is fabulous! Thanks so much for sharing with us at Sketches In Thyme PL Style!