Monday, 7 March 2016

Our Beautiful World........ and got a Feature over at Sketches in Thyme PL Style!

The theme this week is
I've been following the life of this leaf spider for months... and have even recorded in my Project Life album... it has been such a character...
Here 'Leafy' has worn out her leaf home to skeletal proportions to the point where she's revealed!
Hardly the place to hide herself... she needs a new home!
Whatsmore, a week later she got her new home,  and a partner...and even though her
leaf is blurred in the foreground (with both spiders in it),  the focussed leaf in the background is the nursery!   Yes... they curl a small leaf and in goes the babies away from the parents bedroom!
Their webs are works of art!  These are orb spiders.

Here's a pic of what a leaf-curling spider looks like...

 Not vicious, nor poisonous to humans.  Might cause some localised redness and swelling.
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PL Sketches in Thyme..
Lucky me...
From my sketch last week,  I got featured!
(very big smile!)

And got this little badge!
And I can reveal why I'm also really really busy probably for the most part of the year....
I'm choreographer for ......

It's pretty exciting... and this past week I've been on the panel for auditions
Still got a couple more days to go before decisions on call backs.
It opens mid October here in Tasmania
It's going to be a bit of a ride!



Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Yikes! Spiders freak me out!! LOL!! Congrats on being featured with your nutcracker page and that is awesome news about 'Wicked'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Ariadne said...

What an interesting house this spider has!AriadnefromGreece!

Lizzy Hill said...

WHOA! That is HUGELY exciting about 'wicked' wonder you've been busy!!! And Leafy has been busy too....we have them here:) AND well done on the feature:):) All gogogogoooooo at Yours!!! Just as well you haven't got kids at home nowadays. No time for them, giggles;)

Lizzyc said...

Wow you are going to be busy.. well done on your Wicked gig!! and amazing life and times of your spider, fascinating to watch.. and good on you for your PL card.. that is a fabulous one..

Deb said...

Ooooo! I love your little spider pics. How fascinating! AND huge congratulations on "Wicked".

Mascha said...

What a lovely spider homestory!
And great news: that's a big challenge and a big fun to be a choreographer (I know, about i write!)
Congrats and good luck :-)

Lorraine said...

Spiders are not my thing but there is beauty in everything and I think you've found it with this. How exciting your Wicked experience. Our school chorus is actually going to NY on Wednesday this week to do a workshop with the cast and then see the play performed. I was supposed to go as a chaperone but had to back out because of health issues. Luckily I have already seen it and loved it and I know you will make it a wonderful experience for all to enjoy!