Sunday, 15 November 2015

2008 December Daily (created in 2015)

 Weeell,  I love anything about Christmas,
Its just such a wonderful time for family and friends, celebration and tradition
and I look forward to it every year!
And one thing I've learned (for me) is to get those Decembers recorded.
Every year when I get out the decorations, out come the December Daily albums too for family and friends to reminisce with that 'oooh I remember that day!'  LOVE it!
HOWEVER,  while hauling out Christmas stash stored away, I came across a box of photo cds and got curious if I had photos of December 2008 (the year before I started creating Dec Daily's) and surely enough - the CD has photos for EVERY day in December!  I could not believe it... was I that photo savvy back then?  Must have been! Bonus!
Love to have another December Daily on the coffee table!
So with that said.....
Here is my 2008 December Daily Cover!
Used Dimensional Magic to make the dots and pressed some coarse glitter into them
Cool hey!
Next...... what does the album consist of....
weeeeell, I bought some beautiful envelopes last year to use as a basis of my 2015 December Daily, but another idea took over that... so  2008 got them!
Stacked on top of each other.. with large eyelets in place... just needed the covers!
There always is that 'what to do' for the covers.
I had some Prima 12x6 canvas pages... from ages ago...
Sooo, cut them down....pulled out the felt 'inners' and cut it down a little more, replaced them inside...
and sewed them up!
 Add the black chalkboard paint....

Day 1 
So basically for each envelope placed in the little album, there will be space to scrap upon:
 the front on an envelope,
 a black card inside with front and back.
and the back of the envelope.
Plenty of scope to set Christmas out on!
I scraped the inside canvas cover with Santa under an overlay... loved how he turned out with it...
And wanted to show the door... the way in for Christmas!  
Day 2
So when handling the insides of the envelopes... a cardstock insert was made set with an eyelet for each one.   

And clipped a semi-circle out for ease

Then on the outside flap... put the day, and a clue to open up to see its contents :)
Here's the page...
I've used Viva Gold Inka  rubbed onto the black cardstock under the photos
And on the reverse side....
(still Day 2)
Some more Viva Inka Gold rubbed under the photos - colours are Aquamarine & Graphite
Rehearsals continue for 'Cinderella' and in the costume department...

The little sparkly house is wood veneer,  with some Dimensional Magic

Sprinkle the coarse glitter....


Now, don't you loathe it when glitter, bit by bit still comes off....
Weeeeeell, fixed that!  Put some more Dimensional Magic over the top of the glitter

And let it dry.... worked a treat and all glitter is contained
(big smile!)
Day 3
The back of the envelope...
And some paper piecing worked a treat!

along with a little snowman....

Day 4
Changed to a blue envelope now...
Tackled some stamps and embossing... and lets just say...
I'm learning.. I've only had a few attempts at it in the past, and I like the technique...
 so it can only get better :)

Day 4 (continued on an insert in the envelope)

 Day 5
Our end of year production....

 I started with 'white' glitter, but by the time I glued it on... its was 'green' looking
against the black.... ho hum.... so stuck the Glitter Snow to it - and it worked well!
Inside the envelope is a continuation of Day 5 (our concert day usually takes up a couple more pages)
The reverse side...
Day 6
Paige's Birthday

Then onto the party!

Day 7 (inside the envelope)
Our two delightful little zebra finches

And one of the many blue tongue lizards that meet me at the clothes line each morning waiting for their kibble!
Day 8
Making Christmas treats with Dad.  We make these every year.
Day 9

School Concert

A catch up page

Day 12
It's always nice to try capture the family pets too.

Day 13
Day 14

Day 15
Day 16
Day 17 (inside envelope)

Reverse side
Day 19
Day 20


 Day 22


Day 23
Day 24 (inside envelope)

Reverse side
Day 25
Christmas Day is a very huge one for us .
We start at home with opening of presents and breakfast
Then on to the wonderful - est of in-law grandparents and family for lunch
Then drive 4 hours to be with my side of the family for tea.
All in all, its a wonderful wonderful day!

 Breakfast on the veranda as it was an absolutely beautiful day
Then off to the farm......
Off on our four hour drive... we still make it fun for the girls
Day 26
The full album - done and dusted!


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