Friday, 31 July 2015

Paint Party Friday Week 21

Just want to say  -  I'm sooooo delighted that my little 'Cobweb' page was picked (by random) this week at Paint Party Friday - thanks so much Kristen and Eva for your lovely words too... it has made my day!  Also want to say, thanks to each of you who visit and leave comments in the past about this little quote book, as it has kept my confidence up in feeling like I can finish this!  It has really become a joy to have precious moments to sit, ponder, experiment, draw, paint, correct whats going wrong and rehash to right it!!!(to the best of my ability of course!)  A journey with each page -  you know what I mean!! (big grin)

Twinkling H20's
Heavenly, Pewter, Desert Clay, Poppy, Deep Coral, Olive Vine and Spanish Moss


And a little update
Hannah got her placement in our home town to finish her studies!!
So happy to be moving her home!
Thanks so much for your visit!

Monday, 27 July 2015

Sunday Sketches and Our Beautiful World.....

These little pages works in layers and so enjoyable to do...

           Sketch the tree trunks in pencil         Black outliner, and chestnut Twink H20

           Painted with water well brush                    The negative space cut out

                  The behind page painted
          Hunters Grey, Chestnut, Kiwi, Olive Vine        Then the shadows of trunks added

Framing, and tree trunks sparingly glued down to background page
Definitely would love to do some more of this type of thing.... even cut through a third page and so on to add more definition....  a challenge in the best possible way. 
And it also adds hopefully another facet of interest to this little book
You can find Sunday Sketches HERE
the theme this week is
Here is my eldest daughter who loves archery.
(And  to be sure, definitely doesn't mean shooting 'game' as in animals!!! just the game of hitting the bullseye!)

Show your GAME
and check out the DT's wonderful interpretation!
the criteria is anything to do with books!

Friday, 24 July 2015

Paint Party Friday - Week 20 & Counterfeit Kit Challenge Challenge July #3

We had some news today that Hannah may have a placement here in our hometown which will take her to the end of her studies!  We have our fingers crossed because that will mean she can move home.  So by early next week we will know for sure!
I found this quote... and thought - YES, its perfect!  Do you feel you can see in your minds eye what kind of visual would fit when in this kind of process?  I do..... I think in pictures... and all I could see is a spiders web being beautifully and dutifully woven - every little strand into something of strength and endurance (and to our younger generations if may have a more contemporary meaning) .....
 so here it is.....
Starting out with someTwinkling H20's
Spanish Moss
Olive Vine
Hunter Grey
waterwell brush
black outliners
You can find Paint Party Friday  HERE
Paint Party Friday

Here are links to my altered books:

Alter an embellishment to use on your project!
I've chosen  a black tag, and a tea-dyed kraft tag and punched out little hearts. 

Then at first just swapped the hearts over for contrasting colours, but it wasnt enough...
so got two more tags and used a little butterfly die to dress them up a little

The end result is a little bookmark for the quote book.
(and I've put the others away in my stash)
Plus yet made another little page :)
(Hannah's favourite colour is blue)

You can find the challenge HERE


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the criteria is anything to do with books!


Monday, 20 July 2015

Sunday Sketches

I love  getting comments about the curiosity of using older books and here are my thoughts....
The one thing I did have to get past when working in a vintage - or even antique book is the thought of altering it from its original state.  It was very hard at first because it seems to form a piece of 'history' - this is true.    There are some who might think it may be destroying a book, but that's very different to what I feel and not sure I'd use that word.  My definition of that would be tearing it's pages out, or pulling its cover off to use elsewhere or use the pages for different projects and/or what's not needed - very very unfortunately thrown away. Wouldn't it be better though if an old unwanted book does get used in some way?  It also has to do with being emotionally attached to a book too.  There is no way I would alter a book in my own collection with generational or sentimental reasoning.  The books I alter, I buy specifically with a purpose in mind.  They are kept in its whole form,(I'm unable at this time to tear out pages)  and lovingly given new purpose other than sitting in a forgotten dusty box or shelf somewhere just waiting till its time to come to be thrown away as 'old and dusty, smelly and unwanted.  It's new form is loved, often remembered, given pride of place and the owner gets to feel the old beautiful book in their own hands. A new appreciation has begun even for a new generation in this very throw-away world.
For my daughter Hannah who works so hard to become what she has always wanted to do and living away from home, too often second guesses her abilities, this little quote book will be two things... a *little light when she is feeling low
*something she will treasure for the rest of her life and hopefully passed on to whoever may need it after her.

Sometimes I wonder if its best left without colour?
(now who's second guessing!!!)
Watercolour pencils and waterwell brush
Here you will find several links to vintage books I've altered for various purposes.
Sunday Sketches
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the criteria is anything to do with books!

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Paint Party Friday, Counterfeit Kit Challenges and Our Beautiful World......

Sometimes, I have left over paint on my waterbrushes and will slosh them over a spare page in the quote book...... so this is how this page grew...
Pretty much both pages looked like the one on the right. Simple almost childish right? How come flowers?  Well,  were two yellow splotches right in the middle of the page soaked through by a previous page's process, and its just what come to mind at the time and consequently forgotten about.   Last night, finally arriving at this page, thought it needed dressing up and started to tear bits of scrap paper and added petals...

Watercolour pencils with waterbrush

 and outliner....
Bit of fun :)
You can find PPF HERE
Paint Party Friday
Use a tool that has not been used much with a technique..
Weeeell, I've got to say - other than the odd drying a page with my heat gun,
I've never really used my embossing powders with stamps (yeah, forget to use those too)
so set about something simple (and yet definitely need more practice!!!) with some little blue sparkly stars and managed another page for Hannah's quote book (boy I'm trying to whiz these out!!!) 

Tried to keep the glue on the actual star part of the stamp, but there was some overspill... but that's okay... its suits the loose style of the work.  I cant even tell you how long I've had that embossing power - years!  Never opened till now! 

Should really do a lot was fun!!
This has been a great reminder!!
used up some alphas that were sparse on its page, the 'r' in 'stars' actually is an upside down 'j'!
Find it HERE
"Art Studio"
Where I spend every Wednesday afternoon....
layers of oil tubes ready to be tossed away... but still look beautiful laying spent.
A wonderfully creative space
Share your 'layers' photographic stories...
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the criteria is anything to do with books!