Sunday, 14 June 2015

Counterfeit Kits Challenges, Our Beautiful World.....

Have I said already how much lately I'm loving my Counterfeit Kit
of mustards, yellows, greys, whites and blacks...with a tiny hint of taupe -  shopped from my own to love that!
Be prepared for a yellow blast!! LOL
Weeeell, when I put in an order at Scrap Therapy for other much needed tools, glues, Project Life products etc, Lee-Anne (owner) noticed on my blog how much I'm enjoying the 'Barista' colour scheme and popped in this little 6x6 beauty
Authentique - Blissful - 6X6 Bundle
I know its an older product and I've never really taken notice of it before,
nor have I had any great use for 6x6's .... and with my new found love of yellow..... weeeell.....
I had some fun with it in my new kit!!!
And useful!!! 
 Let's see how I've changed my mind...
First about yellow......  not a colour that I've 'super loved' in the past, but tastes change!!!
Eeeek - me using patterned paper!!  Yep...tastes change!!
6x6's - I don't usually scrap something that small - nor make many cards...but...
its the perfect size for the12x12 Project Life pocket plastic sleeve, the ones that are
 divided up into  4x 6x6's.... these little pages just 'slip' in!!  PERFECT!
using these from the little pad as the four background papers..
This is what I've come up with for my Project Life Album....
with a little bit of paint around the edges of journaling blocks and photos for definition...
Placed inside the pocket sleeves  (the reflections are not always great to photograph though!)
Meaghan set of on a long weekend trip of a different kind a couple of weeks ago
... staying in unusual accommodation
A gypsy truck and a vintage train carriage....

It's like creating  little LO's!  Loads of fun!

And used some of  cute brads to finish of some detailing.
Then.... more creating (was on a roll this weekend!)
My vintage diary...
Every now and then I like to take a page in my diary and decorate it
The 1st of June was really really cold!!
WINTER had struck!
Have you ever had a lot of those 'measurement' pages and needed a new purpose for them?
 Here's something new to do with them....
looky here:
( using a piece from the 6x6 pad)

It became a temperature measuring stick!
The fabulous little black and white words are
aren't they fabulous!!
Lastly for this mustardy tale.....
is another quote for Hannah's book...
Love this little flower page (also from the 6x6 pad)
Painted over the book print with mustard paint  and a bit of white gesso
 to give a variegated look

A bit of fussy cutting,  the colours of the flowers were perfect. They look so different once cut and lifted from the patterned paper.  The quote is free hand written with all its imperfections :)
The 'framing' is mustard and black watercolour pencil.

And the little hand drawn, red dotted plants... were inspired by the actual patterned paper itself:
When I saw those, I though... what a great idea!!!
There you are.... end of the yellow for today!
I hope you will play along with
this week....
Our Beautiful World
I cant tell you how many times I'd been at appointments this past week and there on the desks in reception areas are those bells you touch to 'ting' for attention if unattended.
I would have LOVED to whip out my camera for a quick click... but it felt sooooo 'odd'  and out of place to do so!! 
 Instead, I sat still just staring at the stupid things wishing!
I couldn't think of any other bells in our town that would be high up in a tower... and even door bell chimes either.....
Ah, then I remembered I have a little bell!!!   One that has been long neglected..
and eventually after a long search and effort - found it!!
A little brass bell with a delightful little 'ting'!
It needs a good shining up!
Show us your 'bell'  photography
 Let's get shabby
 join in Let's Get Arty's 'Discoloration' Challenge HERE


Lizzy Hill said...

I had to laugh at you getting sent some more yellow.....& you've made such good use of it....the bit that stood out to me was the red little flowers you created! Fab idea, as well as the way you've used it in your PL......& CHILLY @ 10 for certain. You do such INTERESTING stuff. And you PIKER! You shoulda whipped your camera know, for the sake of 'art'!!!!!! AND.....when you were visiting mine, you mention the 'pink fibre'....had to have a laugh....came from YOU....a LGS win from ages ago!! You obv have good taste [winks!!!!!]....right, weekend's over....hey ho!!!

Manuela said...

beautiful created pages also your diary!
great bell shot, read some germanwords in the bookpage... :-)

Ros Crawford said...

I used to have a brass bell like that too ... I love the composition of your photo!

Lizzyc said...

I think yellow is a gorgeous color for scrapping, and I love your pages using it.. hummm i do have a bell somewhere.. I do remember my kids when they were toddlers used to have slippers with a little bell on them and I could hear them toddling around the house.. when it was quiet, then I would go and check on them cos quiet meant mischief usually!!! funny things you remember!!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Wow wow wow!!! Your pages are GORGEOUS!!! I loveeeeeeeeeeee all the yellow!!!! And I have just one bell too!! A gift from a scrappy friend from the Ukraine!!! :)

Robyn Oliver said...

Hi Mandy....great pic of your long lost bell, glad you refound it.

Susan said...

Thank you for sharing your lovely work! Your book pages are especially gorgeous! And that Authentique paper pad is a great addition to your kit.

Susanne said...

That yellow certainly does shine on your projects. I'd have gotten more too!!

froebelsternchen Susi said...

Great layouts and I adore your beautiful Journal spread!

Margie said...

Gorgeous projects-love your designs!

pauline said...

So much beauty here... i love your journal pages - the one with the 'weather measuring stick' and the one with the quote. Beautiful... I also LOVE that gypsy truck! oh lord... would i love to escape somewhere in that! ;) Beautiful use of scrap paper with your lovely collages. xx

Deb said...

Loving all this yellow.....go yellow! Fabulous PL page and also in your journal and quote book.......all gorgeous, Mandy. We're still waiting for winter here........well I'm not really waiting coz I don't do cold lol.

Julene Matthews said...

Fantastic work Mandy. Yellow adds a bright touch to any work and it certainly does to yours. Looking forward to seeing more Counterfeit Kit work.Winter is well & truly here in Sydney.

cinmfoster said...

Beautiful projects.
Cindy f

cinmfoster said...

Great projects. Love the project life embellishments
Cindy F

LCSmithSAVED said...

Aaaahhh... as always, reading one of your posts is like having a really good meal. Satisfying, a little unexpected, and inspiring :-)