Saturday, 25 April 2015


So proud of my girls.....
In Hobart - Paige and Hannah marched in place of my father who can no longer march
Here's what Paige wrote:
Hannah and I marched in place of our Grandpa today.
The medals I am wearing are Grandpa's
 and the medals Hannah is wearing are our Great-Great Grandfathers from World War One
(known as Pip, Squeak and Wilfred)
Afterwards, Grandpa and I went to the Air Force Club to have a drink or two with his friends,
and we met some really funny people, it was a blast!
Anyway, it was an absolute honour to march with the Air Force today, and the service was wonderful.

Lest We Forget those who lost their lives. We were marching for you today.
Found a pic of when Paige marched next to her Grandpa in 2011
wearing my great grandfather's medals
And in Brisbane,
 where Meaghan is this week,
she headed off very early this morning to the dawn service:
(grainy pic because it was lightened from being in the dark of the morning)

And while being away from her home in Nelson New Zealand,
it was hit by a 6.3 magnitude earthquake yesterday afternoon with many after shocks:
Here's what was reported:
An earthquake measuring 6.3 has hit central New Zealand, rattling Wellington and Christchurch.
The quake, centred in the Nelson region, occurred at a depth of 80 kilometres, 45 kilometres east of the village of St Arnaud, on the north of the South Island, at 3.36pm local time, said GeoNet, which provides geological hazard information for New Zealand.
A magnitude 4.2 earthquake was registered in a similar location at a depth of 69 kilometres at 3.46pm, followed by a 4.1 quake, 76 kilometres deep, at 3.53pm.
Fingers crossed that all are safe there


Lizzy Hill said...

Crumbs! NZ and their earthquakes....not pleasant. She'd be GLAD not to be there! And fabulous that your Tassy girls could do the marching.....really great! Good weather up here for them all...hope it was down there, too:):)

Lizzyc said...

My goodness I hope nz is ok I did not hear about the earthquake... And well done to your girls for marching today, I am sure your heart is bursting with pride.

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

What amazing photos from the march!! How wonderful the girls did that for their grandfathers!!! And praying all in NZ are ok!!!