Sunday, 11 January 2015

Creative Jumpstart 2015 - Jimmy Leslie Inspiration......

This is my fourth year of workshopping with
all collaborated by Nat Kalbach.
This year one main manufacturer is used: Liquitex
I love doing this workshop, it 'makes' me get out mixed media and really have a go especially to start off the new year, still on holidays, and enjoying the relaxation of Summer.
This is my first project inspired by Jimmy Leslie, who explains product and how to use it extremely well.  I found myself scribbling notes and then going to my desk and construct my own interpretation of what he said about the products and what he used, rather than what he actually visually did.
I think this kind of approach is going to work well with this workshop  :)
I didn't take step by step photos as it was late last night and photographing it would not turn out well.
 Gesso on the background(including using a music stamp seen very faintly and numbers stamp), then painted some circles in, cut out some fabric butterflies and used Matte Gel to stick them down.  Used markers to add colour and definition.... and......
 oh boy!!! 
Do I love the spray paints with stencils!
The wash left on stencils were rubbed into a little art journal for later use.

The '2015' are just drawn freehand and coloured in and shaded with the paint markers

This is now going to be the title page to my 2015 Project Life album
(very big grin!)

Looking forward to the next project - got some ideas already!




Deb said...

This is fabulous, Mandy. Loving the colours you have used and the fabric butterflies.....a gorgeous opening to your 2015 album.

Lizzy Hill said...

Good on you! Next year, I'm promising myself - less DTs & more time to do this sort of thing! Meanwhile I'll just get my fill by seeing what you come up with!!! Love the very faint stamping underneath. Great PL title page, too:):)

Jane said...

Looks amazing! I'm so envious of your creativity with paints - I just get into a mess!

Lizzyc said...

Fabulous creating!

Laura said...

Fab work Mandy!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

This is gorgeous! I love love love the colors and the butterflies!!!!

Cuchy said...

Hi Mandy. Thank you for taking part again in CJS. Glad you're having fun.
Love your canvas. The texture, colours and collage style.
Thanks for sharing!

Audrey Pettit said...

Wow, wow, WOW! Love it!

Nathalie Kalbach said...

Gorgeous - I love this so much ! thank you for being part of CJS 2015 !!!