Monday, 19 January 2015

Creative Jumpstart 2015 - Catherine Scanlon Inspiration

This time our tutor is Catherine Scanlon
and I've always been a fan of her fabulous work!
There was quite the journey with this one:
a very shaky start with expectations not quite making it,
wise words from a fellow participant/long time blogging friend Deb
and  lessons learned.
Catherine's inspiration is to use paint and a plastic bagging technique and once dry to find shapes that would be picked out and outlined into pictures
(somewhat similar to picking out shapes and images in clouds)
Her example was amazing flowers,  Deb's flowers were elegant
and mine....
Weeeeell I couldn't see any beautiful flowers - only joined up  big dried blobs that looked like
clumpy turtles!
I know we could have chosen to see any shape or image.. but I wanted flowers too!
So after outlining my 'turtles', and still frowning at them...
(also admit, was tired from work, and today unwell - didn't help),
I had another go at them, this time adding some stencilling with spray paint and colour to the turtle 'shells' to help them look 'better'.
 I still wasn't convinced.  My mind was still with the flowers!
So, after lamenting to Deb and emailing her the before and after photos...
 her wise words made me see the whole thing in a different light...
She said (and I hope she doesn't mind me sharing it here) in a nutshell:
" …….you love the sea, maybe that is why you saw turtles"
(Have you ever had that happen?)
Outlined turtles
swimming over kelp in the sea

Added stencilling....
 I really do like them now :)
Lesson learned.... start without expectation... see what happens and  go with the flow....


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

You still rocked it!! This is gorgeous! I am IN LOVE with those turtles!!!!

Nathalie Kalbach said...

I loooveee the turtles!!!! YESSSSS - this is gorgoeus and I love the colors It actually looks almost like a stained glass piece- love it.

Deb said...

I just llloooovvveee your little turtle family and the added stencilling is just perfect. The colours look amazing. It is VERY clever.

Lizzy Hill said...

That is sooooo funny. And something I'd do too. Being stubborn. And WANTING FLOWERS!!!! I can just see it. I'd get grumpy pants on and stomp a little.....but wise, wise Deb is right. Going with the flow is a HECK of a lot easier. And gonna try again & maybe get flowers next time round??? LOL. BTW. Your turtles are WONDERFUL. So full of life & dimension!!!

Joyce Kers said...

Wow, love the stained glass work look. So very beautiful.

Joi@RR said...

Wow - these are really fantastic. I have only seen sea turtles once so thank you for painting them. I did the same "homework" as you did so I understand how you felt. I'm so glad you went with what you saw... you did so great. The turtles are just perfect. HIGH FIVE!! joi

Lizzyc said...

Wow I think turtles are much more interesting than flowers.. we always do flowers.. i love the turtles, and love the detailing on their shell!

Catherine Matthews-Scanlon said...

I Love your turtles, and they look so cool with the stencil pattern! THANKS for sharing, awesome job!

Audrey Pettit said...

I'm so glad you like them now.... because I LOVE them! Yes, turtles! Brilliant! And beautiful!