Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Let's December Daily

I've managed to complete a couple more pages for
Poor old Blackie has been taken off to the vet... He has arthritis pretty badly, and the medication he has been put on is not good for his kidneys, so at the moment, the choice is... live longer in pain, or a shorter pain-free life.   Weeell, that's a no brainer...  though my heart fell to my stomach when I read online how dangerous this drug is, so have been pleased to see that Blackie has responded extremely well so far.  He is moving easier and eat!!  Eat eat eat!   Goodness! 
Oh, to get him into that cat carrier to get to the vet... goodness - he went spread-eagled, hissed and spit and tried to scratch, even bite - whatever he could...he was NOT getting into that carrier!  Sooo, in the end, Paige had to tip it up on its end, and with me with my hands around Blackie's ribcage, lowered him feet first in!
Once that door was shut - ooooh how betrayed he looked.  At the clinic, the words 'very stressed' was used by the vet - I'm not sure if she meant cat or me!  
And at long last 'Tiny' our rescued bird was released.  She/he was so so noisy,  it had started to stress Chirp (our sparrow) and being in really good condition, fully feathered and flying, it was time for Tiny to go. She had her last feed, and on my hand was taken outside, next she/he flew into the tree near my front steps, had a good look around for a minute or two, flew high over the road and into some trees... and that's the last we saw Tiny.   I'm sure she is leading a wonderful happy free life!
It's New Years Eve here....
And we are waiting for the fireworks which we can see from house.
Hope you are enjoying your evening!
Here are Paige and Meaghan
toasting it up at
'The Taste of Tasmania'
where the Sydney to Hobart Yatch Race finishes




Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Loving your page! Glad to hear that Blackie is doing well on the new meds!! Dandy has arthritis pretty bad too ... so hard to watch him move slowly and in pain :( Loving the photos of the girls! Happy New Year!!!!

Audrey Pettit said...

I am very glad to hear that Blackie is doing well on his new meds. My poor pup has arthritis, too, and she's been on steroids since the summer.... not good on the ol' kidneys....
Love your pages. The scattered stars are adorable and I love the photo arrangements. Makes me smile to think of Tiny flying free!
Wishing you a very happy New Year, my friend!

Lizzy Hill said...

...poor Blackoe indeedy - & you guys too.... At least the mess are working:):) looks like your girls are having a ball, too:):) and I'm glad Chirp has his own space again - it's great that Tiny was well enough to be released:):) talk about Animal Tales at your place!!!!!