Friday, 7 November 2014

December 30 Days of Lists

Let's December Daily Badge

'30 days of lists'!
and for December! 
To explain: in my previous December Daily's, there is very little about me, typically I do all the photographing and proudly present Christmas along with my family - but its lucky if I get in one of the photos for the whole month...  not that I want my December Daily to be about me - but it makes me think what snippets I might not be leaving behind in the future.... 
What '30 days of lists' achieves is a no-fuss, everyday the page turns to make a list of what's to be done, or thoughts, or a stapled photo to represent what each day means directly to me. So, I need another little book (or you could choose any album genre) and no-fuss being the operative word!  
Then I thought:.... do I need to just do this little book and no December Daily?..... weeeeell that thought lasted a micro-second - that's just plain silly because what if I ended up not liking the '30 days of lists' and end up with NO December Daily!
Mind was made up! 
 This year, I'm going to do both together and see how I feel about it at the end.  An experiment! I'm not so mad (in my defense) - because at the beginning of December each year my work breaks until February (I'm the boss lol) - so do have time to give this a go....
So born is what I'm going to call 
'The Companion to the December Daily'
And trusty Brotherhood of Books coughed this little blue book up from its coffers too!
 I couldnt believe the title and only 90 pages!
And will be completely pre-prepared by Dec 1st.
They will be worked together!
And it will either work a treat - or never to be repeated again LOL!
Arent they special!

Cover completed.....
 (I 'think' I'll do the full 31 days??)

Did put some effort into the inside cover....
 but it truly didnt need it.
(I was scrapping with friends, talking too much, and kept adding and adding!!
could have paid more attention and stopped to keep it simple!)

It has the same set up on each page - easy to use,
a little doodle around each page,

 A coffee stained tag with ribbon, a patterned card behind and a little paper Christmas embellishment,
all sewn together.    Each page has a sewn in numbered plate and inked throughout.
This page, being the 1st,  a little calendar of December.

 The tag is where the day's list of 'things/events/ to do's' etc will go remembering that this little book is for me- and the 'running' (or should say 'run-around' lol) of December... and completely seperate to the December Daily.

 And the numbered pages are where I'll add something that directly affects that list, it could be a photo, a docket, anything...  just simple and quick.

December 1st
Filled out.... its started!!

Day 2

 Day 3
This day, I made 8 little snow hats for the ballet 'Nutcracker'  so I've added in a sample of the fabric used, a pic of one of the hats being sewn, and a quick sketch of a hat too.

 Day 4
Another baby bird to care for, so added some feathers as a feature.

 Day 5
  Included is a tiny pic and a torn off part of my list for that day

Day 6
I got to say the experiment is working!!  I LOVE my little list book...

It's so easy and quick to list down the page what events took place each day and to add a small token pic or embellish to match something in the listing.

The ONLY trap is (and I nearly fell in it!!!!) not to start printing out photos for the lists book and then go repeat it in the Dec Daily ----- oooh I came close and had to remind myself that this is not the purpose of the list book!

Day 7
Cant quite see the day number as the newpaper clipping is covering it.
Here I've added in a couple of newspaper clippings on 'Nutcracker' glued back and front so it acts as a foldout

 Day 8
Here I cut out a picture from the packaging of Paige's new curtains for her bedroom along with the retail price - except - I got them half price - something worthy to be scrapped since I bought four pairs!

Day 9
A Christmas advertisment added

Day 10

Day 11

Day 12
After bringing in the last lot of decorations, a tiny piece of branch fell off-
 perfect to stick in here!

Day 13


So glad I pre-prepared this little book!One of the things this little book has come in handy for is ....
the lists are fabulous to refer back to when catching up on what days did which - with the Dec Daily!

 Day 14

Day 15

Day 16

Day 17

Day 18

Day 19

Day 20

Day 21

Day 22

Day 23

List Day 24

Lists Day 25

Lists Day 26

Day List 27

 Day List 28
(you can see the move away from Christmas embellishing)

Day List 29

Day List 30

Day List 31

Oh my, and it grew a little fatter 
than I thought it would be for a little Lists book!


And as much as I love this book,  I know I could definitely not go without 'creating' all different kinds of pages in my December Daily.   The 'List' book wouldnt be enough...
anyway - experimental this year!



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