Friday, 14 November 2014

Jennifer Grace's Frosty Blog Event - Felt Santa

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeell, this was different!
It's the first time I've EVER made anything like this!
Charming Felt Santa / Gnome Doorstop (Or Toy!) by Jennifer Grace Creates
You can find Jennifer Grace's Pattern for him HERE
For some reason, (probably its cuteness!) I felt inspired and set off to buy some felt and have a play to see if I could actually re-create it!
And it worked!!!   LOL, what a hoot!
The instructions were very easy to follow  - a big plus for a person who doesn't 'do' instructions well!
I'm so proud of him!   And still in a way in disbelief  that I made it to the end and this little santa looks pretty good! Bonus!
I took some pics along the way...
All cut out and ready to go....
I did glue some things in place so they wouldn't move, then stitched. 

Some hand stitching...and luckily my sewing machine did manage to get through the layers of felt as well!  I actually added a strip of white along the bottom of his hat. And cut out a buckle shape from a scrap of black suede.

LOL, after having a go at making 'tassels' earlier this week,  I thought I'd have a go at a pom-pom... weeeell, it didn't quite work out as I thought but managed to nip and tuck it here and there, and its kinda presentable!  

I did fill it with soft fibre stuffing in the top 3/4's, and then a bag of rice in the bottom to anchor it
Cute little fellow!!



Julie Tucker-Wolek said...


Lizzy Hill said...

TOTALLY cute! Good on you! takes me back to school sewing days....did a horse, I think. Totally BOMBED it...never touched felt in the same way since!!! LOL.....I'm glad you did well with yours:):)

Lizzyc said...

Well done he is gorgeous!

Audrey Pettit said...

OMGosh, he's just beyond cute, Mandy! I love, love LOVE felties and I have a huge soft spot for Santas, too! This turned out fantastic! Love the turquoise and red color combo and love the little buckle you added... and the beads and pom pom on the hat are uh-dorable! LOVE him!

Jennifer Grace said...

OH WOW! You have no idea how happy it makes me to see this! I am over the moon that someone else made a felt Santa! Yours look totally fabulous, I like the extra strip of felt on his hat, and the suede belt buckle.

Thank you so much for making this and for joining in with the Frosty Festivities challenge! xx