Saturday, 1 November 2014


Last night we celebrated Halloween for the first time with a bit of a party.
Decorating including carving a pumpkin was too much fun!!!
So my niece-in-law Bec arranged the pumpkins for one of my scrappy besties and I 
 (we were away at scrappy camp at the time)
 Who knew its a particular type of pumpkin!!!! Weeeeell, we didn't!  Luckily Bec did!
 There was much preparation because virtually we were starting from scratch!
And next were the invitations....
Weeeeeeeeeeeeell that was fun!
so here's my card
which I'll enter into Amiche Scraps - Halloween Card
(Of course this event is also for fun scrappy opportunities too!)
Time to carve that pumpkin...
Weeeell, we had half an idea but it worked out in the end!
I drew on the face (with a couple of goes!) and dh cut it all out
 and we could not wait to light it and turn out the lights!
Here's my spooky photo for
Check out the reflection in the granite!
Then it was time to get the dining room ready
(this year its the only room to be done - baby steps!)
I made the tablecloth

Paige cooked the cupcakes (which were of a mauve mixture- hard to see from these photos) and made a brownie slice and dh decorated! (photos aren't great quality - night fell, and the flash took away the orange-y ambience!)

Made some punch.... (already half gone lol by the time I took this pic with our guests loving it!)
Dry ginger ale, (lemonade as well if you like it sweeter), gin- to taste (more if you want it stronger, less if not), tin of tropical juice... orange and lemon slices and mint leaves.
I could not find my beautiful punch bowl! I could not believe it!! So had to make do with a large plastic container (yuck I know, but had to be resourceful - but worked placed in the caldron wrapped in black and orange tinsel tied around it!
Paige proud of her and her dad's efforts serving out guests!
Me in a photo for a change!
Paige and cousin Gemma

Even the candles' melted wax trapped a mouse tail caught between the two!

All quite a bit of fun!
All watched on by a very bemused but not moved 
Definitely will be doing this next year!
 It was a lot of fun... but truly... I have always been inspired over quite a few years of
And if you are looking for a time to start your
Let's December Daily
Let's December Daily Badge
for 2014
are just about to start...


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

So fun! LOVING all the photos!! And your Blacky is PERFECT for Halloween!!!!!

Ros Crawford said...

Sounds like a really fun night!! Great photos ... Thanks so much for sharing with us at OBW!!

Jane said...

Looks like you had FUN! The pumpkin photo is brilliant, love the reflection. Thanks for sharing.

Manuela said...

Yes, looks like a fun party, great decoration and photos, thanks for sharing with us at "OBW" :-)

Audrey Pettit said...

I am just grinning ear to ear right now!! I'm beyond tickled that I inspired you to try out some Halloween fun this year! Everything looks amazing! I am SO impressed with your handmade tablecloth and your jack-o-lantern carving and all those fabulous treats! How clever is that punch bowl in the cauldron! You rocked it, Mandy! Rocked it!

giovanna said...

Card that really scares, very beautiful !!!
thanks for participating in the challenge of AdS!
Hi, Gio'