Saturday, 25 October 2014

Let's Get Shabby Challenge #60

Let's Get Shabby's
is an inspirational picture....
and as you can see, wide open to all variety of interpretation!
This was the inspiration for a Shower Card...
The little dots were easy to do...
White cardstock, ink, and the soft end of a dropper bottle (IZINK)


For big spots - press harder into the cardstock, or lightly touch for smaller spot

You can find the challenge HERE


Friday, 24 October 2014

Our Beautiful World, Amiche di Scrap and PL Pages - Counterfeit Kits.
Cant go past these first blooms of roses against the old screw-fixed back fence...
I've got a heap of PL pages to show which were mostly completed at Scrappy Camp a couple of weekends ago...  (now a distant memory already!!!)
This one is out of order week-wise as I want to enter it into
Using a paper Doily...
Week 31..
Yes, Blacky updated himself from my scrap chair onto the table!! Spread out over my workspace and embellishments!  I have NO idea what possessed him, but he has not done it since!
The rest of these PL pages have been made out of my
using either the paper and/or embellishments  along with some extra PL cards.


Last one!

Phew... bit of an overload eh!



Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Creating with Sketches V3 Book and Ebook!

Have you ever played along with the monthly sketches at
and really enjoyed it?
Weeell, so happy to finally share that I have a layout published in 
'Creating With Sketches Volume 3'
It's available in both ebook and hard copy formats
Here' what you'll get.....
- 120 Unique, Never before posted or will be posted Sketches
- 60 International Designers
- 26 Amazing Sponsors
- 60 pages of inspiration for you 

I can show you my LO (but not the sketch of course - lol)

This book/ebook can help if you are trying to come up with a design for a  page and is a great starting point and place to begin. Now, imagine a book FILLED with sketches! It's great to take to a crop or if you want to get "caught-up" by creating a lot of pages fast for a particular project etc.
I've had a peep at the ebook... and its filled with great inspiration, sketches and creative LO's, even tips on how to use the sketches to their maximum and sponsor links :) It can be printed out, view it on your ipad or iphone, or viewed on ibooks and ready to be downloaded after payment within 24hrs.
Of course the Hard Copy Book will take a little longer to receive by mail (I've ordered this!) and cant wait to get it!  
 Here's the link to the original post

Very big grin!


Monday, 20 October 2014

Counterfeit Kit Challenge, Amiche di Scrap and a PL Card

While away at scrappy camp, a little bit of catching up on PL pages was priority...
Challenge #1
A couple of little ribbon bows...
This week features Chirp and Blacky who neither cares about the other.
Blacky never gets up on furniture - we don't know why, he just doesn't, maybe his feral-past brain? But this day, he got up on a foot stool, and he looked so uncomfortable - yet, he stayed there LOL, goodness knows what he was thinking?

It's about 'school' - creating with any scrapbooking genre...
Another excuse to get a PL page done!
The middle and bottom parts of the page are focussed on Hannah's school where she is in her classroom with her peers, they are farewelling a much loved teacher.
The top line is separated by lace trim. Hannah and cousin Sophie in a cooking session.

Challenge #3
One thing I do store away as a reminder in my brain is every time I see embellishments stretched across two or more sections on a PL page .... so, here the 'film strip' is used with this idea...
A week later after the stool incident,  Blacky braved getting into a chair... dh's chair, and all we could do is take photos and dh sat elsewhere!  It may seem nothing, but we've had Blacky a good 12 yrs and the vet said he was about 5yrs old when he came to us - so this 'sudden' behaviour was bizarre.  He does have a wonderful soft bed with a sheepskin and blankets - yes totally spoilt!   Next is Meaghan's new house, making do with what she can until her furniture arrived from UK.  And ANOTHER starling down the chimney!
Another seasonal card for my PL stash

This is for Lizzy Hill....
Remember, I said I spotted something on your wall in your post with photos of your scrap space...
Weeeell, I have a cup!
Just one lol!
Weeeeell, Spring is in full swing here....
Just have to show you these beautiful blooms... 

Friday, 17 October 2014

Frosty Festivities Event....and thank-you...

First of all, I just want to say thank you for your lovely comments and prayers this past week, it was heartfelt and very much appreciated....
Secondly, Jennifer Grace has created this fabulous blog event on her blog...
I had so much fun for her last event... that I look forward this next one:
Frosty Festivities 2014 Free Blog Event at Jennifer Grace Creates
Its marked in my diary!
And lastly, I did get quite a bit of my Project Life pages done while away at scrappy camp and will upload them soon now I'm back on deck....

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Saying good-bye to a family member....

Last weekend our nephew passed away.
It is so hard to see parents (and all of us) struggling with the thought no matter how it can be viewed or philosophised, children are supposed to stay on this earth long after their parents -
and it just does not seem right....
But it happens, and it has....
Sleep peacefully Remy

PL Card

Another seasonal card for my stash:



Monday, 6 October 2014

PL Card and Our Beautiful World - Under the Sea

Another PL card for my stash:
Sea China....
broken bits of treasure that wash up on our local beaches - still complete with white sand...

The stories it could tell....

Friday, 3 October 2014

LESSology #40 and Our Beautiful World - Music

It's been too long since I've played along with LESSology, though when I saw 'Travelogue' that's a great excuse to get another page done of my Trip album!
Click to go to Challenge #40
My up cycle are these vintage Asian book print papers...


You can find the challenge HERE
ANother Challenge I haven't played along with for a long time is
and this week its
I managed this photo of Paige a couple of weekends ago after she got out of the car with her violin case to go in early for a final rehearsal for a concert later that afternoon. 
Paige loves her violin and has been playing for 11yrs now.  She still goes in twice a week for 2-3 hours to keep practicing.  I shouted out to her to turn, and 'snap' - got this pic!
Makes me smile....
Last Sunday afternoon I had the privilege to attend an art exhibition of a wonderful local landscape.... tulip farm.  The artist sold painting after painting.... so quickly!
After my friend Wendy and I left, it was dusk and I managed to snap the nearby Dutch Iris field in front of where the car was parked

Richard works in colour pencils on pastel paper
Remembering Vincent
last year when out in full bloom.... our family history is tied up with this lighthouse
Here's a link here on this blog about this back to 2008