Wednesday, 23 April 2014

2014 Project Life... finally begins!

The first part of this year has been super crazy with work and although its also been super creative, its been taxing........on my scrapping!
Anyway, I'm back!   And finally getting caught up with a few projects.
So Project Life has been started... I've actually got up until week 8 done, but so far have only photographed and edited a few pages... nevertheless - its a beginning and being on school holidays is great to wind down with the girls plus scrap!  Hannah is home which we LOVE  and oooh GREAT news.... Meaghan is moving to New Zealand in June!  She has a new job there and she is thrilled.  I know New Zealand is not Tasmania, but its close, closer than UK!   AND we can visit more often!
Anyway, I'm sure it will play out in PL as time passes!!
Here's my cover page... yes its a page I did at the beginning of the year for Creative Jumpstart 14 and had this in mind at the time.    Don't you just love those little black plastic inserts, perfect for a few words or date etc......

Week 1
The fireworks from our front porch being set off down on the beach.
Not quite PL style, but a 12x12 to back the page above.

Week 2
I had quite a collection of old MME 4x6 transparencies (and I mean *old* - like 2005-6 etc!) and how perfect they are for PL!  I must have had an inkling way back then *wink*, because they are soooooooo useful now!   If I see them..... I'll buy them!   Not great to photograph though - that darned reflection (rolling eyes)... but in the album - fabulous!
Below -scrappy day with my gf, we have this 'round robin' going with three of us, though one gf is missing for this day. LOL, cant see much scrapping going on though! hee hee. 
 Paige off for leadership role at camp and my BIL and niece's birthdays.

Week 3
Hannah's birthday and another scrappy get-together!

I'm getting called right now, 'Mum when will you be finished on your computer?' 
We have to go 'ball dress' hunting for Paige...
 Its a cocktail dress evening, so a-shopping-we-shall-go....
Should be fun!


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

These are gorgeous!!! I love love love the photos and the colors!!!!

Lizzyc said...

I take my hat off to all P L ers your first page looks wonderful and the other pages are fabulous, and all the best for your DD too as she moves for work. Big step for you all!

Lizzy Hill said...

FABULOUS FABULOUS news about Meaghan......that is SOOO Exciting & wonderful for you:):) Loooove what you've done with your PL, of course:) Can't wait to see more...& I'm so glad you you're going to get a chance to get more scrappy...hope the production went well?????

Audrey Pettit said...

OMGosh, your PL pages are SO fabulous, Mandy...and I'm so excited now....I've still got some of those old MME transparency frames, too! I need to find them! You are a genius! These are stunning pages!
So happy for you about your DD's great news! Closer is always better, in my book. :)

Deb said...

Your PL pages are gorgeous as always. That's great news about Meaghan.

Sar said...

Loving your take on Project Life, Mandy! So glad I came to visit you today, I really should pull mine out again.....

S said...

PL catchup and dress shopping - what fun you are having! Your pages look great.