Friday, 29 March 2013

For the Easter Breakfast Table...

For the Easter Breakfast table!

This time I thought I'd make these quick easy little cutlery holders which also double as a name settings too!

I think I've just added orange to my Easter table!! I was originally thinking white and yellow.. but just maaaaybe the pop of orange is a good thing???

They are dont really take much to make up... and I'm not much one for measurements... so its how it turns out with a little cutting and shutting here and there.

Step 1
Cut a piece of White Cardstock into quarters (this will make four ) and then fold in thirds

Step 2
Next, glue the seam edges down. I'll call these 'white sleeves' :P

Step 3
Oooh I love this paper! Using WRMK Simply Spring Daffodil cut a small piece as below - (look I gave measurements!!! Weeell, partially!) Then fold in half

Step 4
With this folded piece, cut just the smallest slither off each end (to kinda end up with an envelope-look) with the folded end being the widest, and the other end a tiny bit more narrower.

Step 5
Open the little fold (ink around all the edges of everything) and glue and slip either side of the bottom of the white 'sleeve' sealing it off, slide in a feather - and cut a little triangle out of the daffodil paper to fit adhering to the top

Step 6
Love a bit of trim to dress it up? This is MME Stella and Rose Gertie Delightful Trim. Glue a piece down a little bit from the top edge of the sleeve, on top of the triangle paper.

Step 7
This WRMK Cotton Tail 'In the Meadow' Paper is just wonderful for cutting out little bunnies! (its cheaper than buying stickers!) And here's another great paper to cut from WRMK Easter Titles And I cut out four to go on the yellow trim

Step 8
Glue the little bunny, and add some orange trim tied in a bow.. MME Stella & Rose Mabel Little Lady Trim (Its that perfect carrot-ey orange!) Add some fabulous MME My Girl Enamel Dots And some WRMK Simply Spring Chipboard Alpha

All finished complete with cutlery - ready for the Easter table!

You'll find it at SCRAP THERAPY!

It's been very busy here at home and work.
I'm off away on Easter Monday for work in Melbourne until Thursday leaving the family to fend for themselves for a few days.

I try hard to put aside time to scrap.  Just as well I'm a night owl, otherwise there would be no scrapping at all.  sigh....

Playing catch up here at the moment!


How cool is this??
We are off overseas soonish.... and Paige really wanted a polaroid camera..
and since it was on sale - she got one,   cheap enough... but the film to go in it weeeeeell ....thats expensive... there will be no taking photos willy-nilly!   She's going to have to 'think' about what photos to actually take.  Thats a new concept since she was born into a generation who only knows digital!


My art work...  a fluffy peacock feather and a little galah feather.

I've got lots of artwork that I've never posted here... this probably is one of the first.  Probably not confident, self critical - though... am happy with this one.

Have a happy Good Friday!



sandi said...

Oh wow! I love these holders! So, so cute! Great way to bring a smile to everyone's face on Easter! Love your feather sketch as artsy!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Loveeeeeee your place settings!!! Those bunnies are adorable!! And what a cool camera! I don't remember Polaroids looking that cool when we were growing up! LOL!! I loveeeeeeeee the painting too ... those feathers are amazing!!

Lizzy Hill said...

LOVE your feathers! And your Easter cutlery holders....enjoy {??!!} Melbourne. Hope they only put on 3 weather changes a day instead their usual 4, eh??!!! And the Polaroid looks pretty dang cool. Lucky girl:):):) OS...*sigh*.....I'll be your baggage!!!!!!!!

Lizzyc said...

Your cutlery holders look wonderful.. and sometimes when I am after an image I go on google images and get their free clip art.. just a thought.. and the feathers look real.. only after reading it is your art work did I realize they are drawings.. well done!

Julene Matthews said...

Polaroid film has always been expensive.Love your feather drawing.You should frame that!!