Sunday, 31 March 2013

Easter Breakfast Table 2013

(And our first Easter in our new house)

Here's how our Easter morning went......

Behind the dining room door......

 arrives Paige and Hannah......

who see the Easter Breakfast Table!
How cute are those little chicks!!!

Love the look on their faces!

Off on a hunt!


Paige taking her own pics for facebook
and eggs on toast!

The yummy - hot cross bun and cuppa tea~!

The placemats where easily made.... just cut out yellow felt!  NO sewing!

And a sprinkle of jelly beans dont go astray either!
See the little buttons by the cups... they are little bunny badges for us girls to wear today

Miss Maggie Mae... was VERY unimpressed with  the little chicks... we put them down on the carpet just to see if she warmed to them..... or ignore them...... BUT......
she hissed and carried on!!!  They were on HER territory!!!
 LOL, nevertheless, we removed them!

She's settled down now in her favourite place....
snuggling on dh's chest into his beard and snoozing together after her trauma!

Anyway, hope you have a wonderful 

And Easter Bunny was very good to you!

2013 Easter Projects:
Quick easy little cutlery holders which also double as a name settings too!


Doily Tags and Coasters


Julie said...

Love your table and pics Missy. Great minds think alike as we had a yellow theme here too.

Hope you had a great day.

Deb said...

Oh Mandy, your table looks beautiful. Love those little chicks. lol at Miss Maggie.

Lizzy Hill said...

I was sooo looking forward to your Easter table & dec's...& this is really, really fun to look at & drool over...LOVE those chickies...but your poor birdy!!! Just as well her 'Dad' was there to look after her after the trauma!!!!! Thanks so much for sharing:):):)

Jasmine S said...

Happy Easter Mandy. Love the pics and thanks for sharing your Easter with us.

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Great pics!! Happy Easter!

JansArtyJunk said...

Fabulous Easter pics Mandy!...Your table looks GREAT!! and a Happy Easter to you x

sandi said...

Looks like you had a fabulous Easter! Great pics!

Julene Matthews said...

This all looks wonderful Mandy.I'm sure they appreciated the effort you went to.