Monday, 29 October 2012

Five Nasty Stitches

Typing with one hand is awkward after trying to catch a falling glass which broke on its descent before hitting the floor
As quick as I tried to move my hand out of the way (in that small moment when time freezes and you know its not going to be good) the glass hit the corner of the benchtop, shattered, and the very reflexes that tried to save it, were not quick enough to get out of the way and double back.
Luckily I had a friend coming for morning tea, and turned up on cue with me greeting her at the door with my hand wrapped in a bloody tea-towel.
So in her car we hopped
Here's the pic of the bandaged hand
and a warning to CLICK OFF now if you are squeamish so you dont see the second photo which is the stitches  (dont want to urk anyone out)
I had 4 needles to deaden it, the second needle was excruciating and was relieved when it started to work.

A nasty mess at the base of my thumb
How on earth am I going to scrapbook!!
And its my right hand too!!
Oh boy... funny how a day starts out  and can completely change somewhere in the middle
And my lovely friend who is also my art teacher - morning tea turned into lunch after the ordeal was over and we got back to my house, with her making our lunches and washing and drying up before she went home.
So glad she was there.
**** Edited in****
One week later

Nine days later - stitches out

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Bye Bye Little Booky

If you know anything about me, you would know how much I love little birds.
And not only do we have Maggie our very adventurous Cockatiel, but also four lovely little finches.
We found 'Booky' our fawn female finch down the bottom of her cage, and a very sad mate crying on his perch above her.
We started off with 'Scrappy' (quite a little story)
And she was lonely so Hannah and I went to the pet shop and got her a friend. There wasnt any grey zebra finch males only fawn female ones, so we got her 'Booky'
They were great friends
But they need mates - male mates...
Here's the story on getting 'Croppy and Inky'
Scrappy eventually passed away, and we got 'Stampy' who took up with Inky
Here's Booky with her mate 'Croppy'  and now Croppy is sad without his mate
We got Booky towards the end of 2008, so for a little finch... her time had come.
Bye bye Booky
It's always sad losing a pet, even if its a little bird.

Friday, 26 October 2012

Little Heart Album

This little mini-album takes a little bit of effort.. but is really worth it. I enjoyed putting this together using the pink Authentique Lively 'Spirited' Paper as the covers and heart inserts and 12x12 Vanilla Cardstock for the inside.





Decorating the cover.....
I've used Prima Tea-Thyme flower vine, Prima pink Zephr Washi Tape, Yellow Tea Thyme Washi Tape and Prima Journal Chipboard


There's lots of little spaces to decorate... either sides of the inserts and either sides of the pages inside the booklet.

This was a joy to make. I hope you will find the same if you have a go :P
If you'd like to know how this was made up...
you will find the  full instructions
Oh and you might want to visit  the December Daily thread too!
Its fabulous!

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Let's Get Shabby Challenge #40

Let's Get Shabby's next challenge is up
Its a COLOUR challenge!
Here's my example...
and here's what you have to do.....
Pick three colours from the picture below -  to dominate your project with a summer theme
I've used white, sand and aqua
Click HERE to find out all the details!!!
One last card for GET CREATIVE'S
Made a little button banner.
I've really enjoyed the month of card-making at Get Creative!
Its all about a 'spooky' page...
I've used the pic I took of the hawk that nearly took Maggie's life by trying to drag her through the bars of her cage - bit by bit - only that I ran at it yelling to scare it off - twice!  Yes it drew blood, horrible thing.

So here's a representation I think how Maggie views that hawk!

Products used
Basic Grey Eerie 'Reaper' Paper
Basic Grey Eerie Chipboard Stickers
Afraid of the Dark Glimmer Mist

I just LOVE these Eerie Chipboard stickers and have used not only the spider and crossbones as stickers, but also the 'backings that is peeled off the back of the stickers as masks (that we usually throw away) - over and over!

So the masking - I've used the tree, the words 'BOO' and a branch from the sticker packet...
then sprayed with glimmer mist.

THen built the page from there... :biggrin:

Hope you take part - its a fun
challenge !

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

More Get Creative Cards...

Here's the next group of cards created for the challenges at
Olga's challenge of a Round Card
here's my interpretation....

Efi's Colour Challenge Card
here's my interpretation:

Channa's Centred Stamp Challenge Card
I've coloured with watercolour pencils here.....

Used some gingham fabric in my card here with white glassine paper overlay (with cut out heart)

Thanks again to the girls at  Get Creative!

Get Creative Card Challenges

The month
is doing a heap of card challenges.
I'm by no means any sort of cardie, but I love to have a go and when stocks are low in my card box, then its time to fill it up.
I've had a wondeful time working with the criteria of each of the challenges.  Techniques, products etc, that I'd completely forgotten about.
So here's what I've played with:
Here' I've doodled my daisies and the border.... the coloured petals and leaves are with watercolour pencils

Any sort of birthday card

This is one I struggle with cos being a Shabby Scrapper... crisp clean lines arent usually part of it!
However, this is as close to the criteria I can get without compromising my love of Shabby... and I love how its turned out!

Irini's Sketch Challenge AND IT WON!!!
These leaves I made by pressing real leaves into paint and then cutting out the leaves. Some took a couple of layers of paint to give a 'mottley' look.  THen fold the points of the leaves a little to 3D them.

This is to use washi tape on your card.

This chipboard has been in my stash forever!!  So glad to finally use it!

I've used my Maya Road resist... This bottle is needle sharp, but allows a fine details.
Here I've painted on a daisy with it...


Painted over with gesso

Sprayed with mist, then rubbed of the resist 'rubber' with my fingers.
It was nice to play with this technique again.
Thanks to the girls at Get Creative...
its been very motivating and inspiring to take part!!
Check back... as I havent finished yet with these challenges!!

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Miss Maggie Mae....does it again!

Our little cockatiel flew away last Thursday night...
Dh answered the back door to a visitor and forgetting Maggie was on his shoulder...and shoosh, she was gone (the poor visitor felt terrible as well!)
Maggie was so quick!  Yes we did a lot of guilty  'shoulda's'  but what good is that after the fact.
Heartsick doesnt even describe it.  We were all devastated.
She did this the same time last year... (one would think that all of us including Maggie too would have learned from that) and she survived 7 nights away...
That story is
 SO we KNOW that she can make it on her own....
However we walked and walked and walked, looking up into trees, people's yards, in parks calling her name... knowing its probably in vain, but have the 'need' to feel like we have to do this...
Today after 3 nights away... we have her back!
She's flown MILES away!  And after having the ad in the paper just one day (had it sheduled for all week and the next week if we had to..) we got a call!
I knew she'd be hungry by now... and today its hailed TWICE and poured in between spats of sunshine - she'd HATE the coldness and wet and to be hit by hailstones! 
And so with that in mind and in true form under the circumstances, she landed wearily on a clothesline, the man of the house noticed her and went outside - she flew to his shoulder for help.   He fed her some bread and said she was very hungry.  He tried to shut her in his shed while he searched what to do and everytime he went to leave she squawked or flew to him... so she just stayed on his shoulder even outside.  He looked in the paper and there was the ad! 
Well we are overjoyed! Can you imagine... TWICE we have gotten her back... (yeah we hear you...'clip her wings'... thats hard.. she already has deformed feet, it feels awful hobbling her more) 
 When Paige and I arrived at his house... it was farmhouse-like with chooks running around the yard - lots of foliage and down in a gully - I can see why she picked that house to land and ask for help!
We are so thankful.  How she didnt get taken by a hawk, butcher bird or feral cat is beyond us as all three have had a go at her in our very own backyard!
  As soon as we got her home, I fed her and she was SO hungry, here she's just finishing up eating furiously.....
She ate and ate and made funny little comfort/relief noises as if to say 'ooh ooh ooh..num-num-num...thank goodness' (not sure if  there is any audio with this)  She looks so exhausted, and I could see this around her eyes.  
Once she'd finished she sat on my shoulder as I watched the tv...and tucked her beak under her wing and fell asleep.  To think of all the walking and calling we did... in totally the wrong direction and certainly not as far as she travelled! lucky we are.
She's an amazing little bird.


Saturday, 20 October 2012

Scrap Therapy Challenge

Who'd like to join in Scrap Therapy's Forum Challenge:
If you do....
Whats the last scrappy product you bought?
Have you used it yet?
No :oops: ??
We all do it... we buy lovely gorgeous things... and then put it away :roll: :lol:

In this challenge you have to pick the latest product you've bought and put it on your page! (doesnt matter if you havent bought for a while... whenever it was... find your latest thing...and scrap it!) Remember to tell us what it is!
If its a tool... then use it! We want to see the results :P If its paper or an embellie - get it glued down :P :P :P

Here's mine...
I bought this - couldnt wait to use it!!!
The Crafters Workshop 'SPLAT' Stencil Its a 12x12 and just loved it the minute I saw it cos I could see misting or painting this in a controlled way! So if you arent so sure about misting but love the look or want to have a go at it.... this is a great way

I loved the 'splat' with the drippy bits running down... oh boy I had fun! Then I held the page up and let the drips run further down...and some of the excess on the stencil too... I let that drip onto my page as well.

The mist I used is called 'Turquoise' is out of stock in Scrap Therapy's Shop... but there are some wonderful mist colours in the shop - you can find them here under Tattered Angels and Ranger Dylusions
and there's one Maya Orange Sherbert.

I find the search box the best... by typing in 'mist' or 'stencil' or 'mask' as it brings them all in a collective amount regardless of brands.

The rosettes are also misted - they are Tim Holtz 'Trimmings' - just fabulous! The package also contains white seam binding you can spray too!

The gorgeous paper is WeR Memory Keepers Down the Boardwalk 'Reef', love this cos it already comes a bit grunged and inked

The exact Prima leaves I've used arent available... but do a SEARCH for 'Prima Leaves' and there are similar there :wink:

Alpha... Tim Holtz 'Word Play' die

Just play along and be in a for a prize rak - and upload to the gallery by the 31st of October :P

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Counterfeit Kit Challenge Quilt LO

Counterfeit Kit Challenge Blog has challenged us to make a 'quilt' LO out of our counterfeit kits...
I'm still super surprised just how I manage to use stuff in my stash that is soooo OLD!
A couple of these papers are YEARS old... as with the covered chipboard!
Still... what fun.  Love this challenge site!

Monday, 15 October 2012

Challenge Me Happy

Challenge #32 for CHALLENGE ME HAPPY is a  Photo Challenge.

I got to Guest DT  for this one

Here's mine:

Got out the paints and had a heap of fun with circles.

Hope you can join the fun

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Counterfeit Kit Challenge - October Kit...

Did I tell you already how much I love this Challenge blog!
This post is long overdue, I did put together my kit over a week ago, but havent gotten around to posting it here yet. 
This time we are counterfeiting
Gossamer Blue Sept Kit and I love it.
You will find the details here on Counterfeit Kits
Here's mine, and I had so much fun putting it together
The Papers
The embellies and background papers.  Hmmmn, the embellies kind of 'grew'! LOL
I'm off to start the first challenge.... Its up too.
oh and before I doooo, look at this lovely rak the ladies from
ORANGE PAPERIE Challenge blog sent when I won one of their challenges 
Isnt it just gorgeous... I was thrilled!
Lots of things to play with... just got to keep making the time!