Friday, 25 May 2012

Let's Get Shabby Challenge #35 AND Scrap Therapy Mini-Album

Let's Get Shabby's Challenge is all about the saying:

Something old
Something new
Something borrowed 
Something blue


 I've used:
Old - the lace which form the skirt
New- Butterfly wings
Borrowed- the idea from the old-fashioned paper dolls
Blue- the alpha/title - 'Fly'

I cant wait to see what you might come up with...

ALL the details are HERE



working with We R Memory Keepers:

If you ever want to make a quick and easy Mini-Album especially for a gift then take a look at these 4x6pads
Cotton Tail
Down the Boardwalk
I've used: Good Day Sunshine
Pull out the pages that work and glue back to front so when the mini-album is put together, then each page has a back and front as they are turned.
I love my Crop-A-Dile as it finishes the pages off beautifully with its easy use eyelet placement and fixture. (I never 'did' eyelets before owning this tool :P :wink: )
Here's the cover of the 'Mini-Album'
And its pages:

One of the papers in the 4x6 pad has quotes and sentiments that can be cut and contrasts with the pages too. (I've used some MME's decorative brads and WRMKs Good Day Sunshine Trim, MME , bow trim
Prima alpha
Brown lace MME garland
Good Day Sunshine Stickers




Hope this has given you an idea how easy a little mini-album can come together :P :wink:
And I want to give a BIG thank-you to
for the wonderful package I received in the post!
It was full of the most delicious goodies...
Hugs and again...thanks soooooo much
just gorgeous!

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Scrap Therapy WRMK's 'Down the Boardwalk' LO

Its not hard to fall in love with WrMK's 'Down the Boardwalk' papers.
This week at SCRAP THERAPY I've used the same background Barnicle Paper as last weeks red one, but this time in beige.
It already comes distressed, splattered and inked! I've backed the Barnicle paper with matching brown cardstock. Isnt it great that the range comes with its own contrasting cardstock!

Here's how it's put together:
I wanted to make this Snorkel diecut paper smaller - so I cut it into pieces!

Then took out the middle section (I'll use that for something else later :P :wink: ) and joined the thin edged strip so no one would know any different that it is two pieces! :wink: (I sprayed Tattered Leather Glimmer Mist behind the photo on this piece- it kinda looks like the photo has a shadow :wink: )

Here's a cost saving trick:
If you are on a budget - AND you see all these beautiful butterfly embellishments but it just all adds up.... then buy a piece of paper with them on....cut them out :P
This Authentic butterfly paper (reverse side) will cost you $1.25! Pretty inexpensive for five beautiful butterflies, and the rest you can use for other projects such as cards, tags or on LO's - both sides are gorgeous to use!

Ink the edges of the butterflies and add them to the LO, along with brown bows and cream crocheted trim, cut out alpha and metal flowers (sold out)


Friday, 11 May 2012

Scrap Therapy WRMK's LO

I'm in love with this new line of We R Memory Keepers


The background papers are so grunge - perfect for beach or boys...and even girls!! You must check them out if you're a scrapper who loves a fab background paper!

One of the other wonderful thing with each line of WRMKs, is they match cardstock to the pattern papers/background papers! Thats such a time saver when working out what papers to buy!!

Here I've used the 'Coral-reds' - its a gorgeous colour. (I'll apologise for the poor photography - its stormy and rainy here - so the light is bad!!!)


Here I've used the Coral cardstock, cut it down and then cut the middle out - and roughly - no measuring :P :wink: Then did a couple of rounds with the sewing machine with black thread.
Dont you just LOVE the background paper!!! Its just PERFECT for autumn (even though its a boardwalk line!) See the grunge-like inking around the edges... thats the paper! How cool :P
Did a little bit of a spray with Glimmer Mist and let it drip down so that became the stalks of the flowers, and added the canvas printed buttons over the top of the crochet doilies (WRMK Cottontail- sold out)
Love the leaf paper cos I keep cutting them out! Did you see the alpha??? Its actually Alpha paper,cut out, and stuck on the LO. Also, gathered the lace trims and sewn it across the top.
Just to finish off... I've used a black pen and scribbled around everything - the photo, the flowers, leaves and the alpha... thats fun!


Today we had new carpet put down. What a day.....three hefty men in my house - and the language at times between them...ooh, and then smoking on my front veranda with the smell wafting inside - I just thought 'say nothing, they soon will be gone'  and the job they did was perfect, so happy with that.   Yucky marks left all over the skirting boards though - I know that's unavoidable, and had to repaint them. Took ages trying not to get paint on the new carpet.   This all
 left little time left to get the above LO done - thank goodness for the sewing machine.. somehow my mind thinks it helps whip things up quicker!  I'd got that done just in time for me to upload it and get ready to go out tonight.  Hannah and I went to see 'TasDance'  (our state's contemporary dance company) and it was amazing.  Oooh, you should have seen the texture onstage! Lots of weaving and knitting/crochet  and fibre stretched over massive big frames - it was all I could do to stay in my seat and not go up onto the stage and TOUCH it!  Genious.

Time to turn in...its been a big day.

Sunday, 6 May 2012

May Scrap Jacked is up.....

Created with this lovely photo of Paige at Easter time.  The back four pieces of 'brick wall' were made using a Prima Stencil and mist.
You can find this and the other wonderful Design Team examples HERE    


Did this ages and ages ago and forgot to upload this here
(I'm getting sooooo forgetful!)
Cant resist a MME background - look at that fabulous weathered wood!
(weeeeell, cant resist MME anything!)


I've been a bad bad blog hopper,
 but its all I can do to stay on top of just committments at the moment.
So I hope you forgive me not being able to hop around and leave comments. I feel guilty.... but  I've had to scale everything right back to only designing for two special places now for the time being (and I sincerely mean all the wonderful places I've designed for have all been special!)
Why?  Weeeeeell........
after 21 years of being in my ballet studio and been the perfect tenant (which  amounts to nothing these days) - we've been given notice - rather short notice, and to find another suitable has been a feat in itself.  I *think* I've got a place - so waiting on that.  What it has done is - got us thinking in many ways, and we are going to downsize our house too.  Its too big, and as much as we love it - we really only use half of it.  Soon my girls will be gone no doubt as their lives move on...
With that said, painting, new carpet - the gardens - everything attached to selling a home has been taking place and its exhausting.  Downsizing also means making decisions what goes and what will stay - this is hard hard hard.

At the moment, I'm covered in paint. Just finished Hannah's room, and Paiges is all done...
I need a shower and scrubbing brush! 
Ugh to paint in hair!


Friday, 4 May 2012

Scrap Therapy May ROOMs Challenge

This month's inspiration is COMFY SITTING and READING AREAS!! I thought this would be fabulous with Mothers Day in mind - lovely 'time out place to relax' (it doesnt need to be about Mothers Day though - mine arent)

Your challenge is to be inspired by each inspiration picture and scrap it! You can be inspired by anything in or about the picture
THe STAR winner and STANDOUT/S will be chosen on their scrapping interpretation, creativy and relevance to each picture
Make sure you put in your explanation in the gallery what inspired you because sometimes its obvious what has inspired you and sometimes its not so clear.... so hints are great!

You can enter more than one room, or all three for more chances!
However - no combining!! Each will be a separate LO for a separate room - be inspired by the colour and/or design; use specific elements or shapes if it takes your fancy, or even use it as a sketch for example!

Here are the 'rooms' with my interpretations under each of them (and some tips on how they were created if you are looking for ideas or new techniques to try )

This month the design team are using We R Memory Keepers (WRMK)
And the range used in all three LO's are GOOD DAY SUNSHINE


I painted some white squares to represent the cushions, doodled frames with black pen around them (kinda like the framed photos on the wall behind the couch) and created some lace bows. These Antique Flower Kit (metal flowers) pick up the dark brown in the pic too :P The scallop edged strips are cut from an edging of a 12x12 found here and are held down by little Glitter Brads

Using a lined journal block stamp by inking a part of can give the below effect. I kinda wrap the stamp around my finger and stamp with the middle part.
Products used:
Textured Cardstock Pad- green sheet and white sheet
flower and journal stickers
Anthologie Ribbon
Cottontail Crochet Flowers


Here I picked up the tan-pink/orange, browns and greeny tones..

Using this orangy scalloped paper

but cut this 1/4 piece out of a 12x12 called Margaret and placed over the top of the dandelions of the 12x12 paper. The smaller piece kinda makes the dandelions a little finer and delicate than the 12x12 ones.

and turn 'Margaret' over and its all coloured leaves just begging to be cut out!!!

Products used:
flower and journal stickers
Scallop-edged strips
Cottontail Crochet Flowers


I picked up the floral pattern in the cushions (arent they cool!) using Lisa Paper and most of the colours. 'Lisa' is backed by the reverse side of the scalloped 'Lyn'paper Image

Because the chair was hanging... I hung some banners :wink: using blue cardstock and 'Lyn'paper and the words.

The words are cut from 'Lyn' paper

And here are the Cottontail doily flowers with one topped with journal sticker and both with a
Antique metal flower Image

Hope to see you  HERE!!!
And look forward to see your interpretations!!
Come be creative with us! :P :wink: