Tuesday, 11 January 2011

ONE DAY AT A TIME.. plus 'Extending the Background' Tutorial

 We've said good-bye and shed bucketloads of tears
and the ache inside will get less, this I know.
But for 18yrs Cosmo was part of our family
and thank goodness our vet saw it in his heart to come to our home to make sure Cosmo would go in a quiet stress free way....
Thank you so much for the lovely comments and hugs left on yesterday's post I read and re-read every single one of them and it meant so much
Cosmo was such a beautiful affectionate family member whom we will miss very much.... 

And to my wonderful friend Bec - thank you for these beautiful lilliums that turned up at my front door this morning - my heart just lifted

Even though this was going on,
Yvonne from 'Do More With Less' (Singapore) puts a spotlight on a guest artist each month and this time she has asked me.
I'm so grateful for this as doing a Step by Step and showing work that I love to do made me happy.
So thanks so much Yvonne it was a another bright light in the last few days...

Here's my LO and tutorial about how to

Here's the post.....

Extending the background with Mandy Dodd

My first guest of 2011 is the talented Mandy Dodd of Teacup of Scrapisms. I got to know Mandy through Scrapping The Music and I love her shabby chic style, particularly how she infuses vibrant colours and incredible textures on her projects. She is also the co-founder of the awesome challenge blog Let's Get Shabby. Today, she is sharing a tutorial on how to extend past the photo to create a scene! And there's a challenge with a RAK to be won too! :)

Hi, my name is Mandy  (also known as mandysea) and I live in Australia on an island called Tasmania.  I live in a big old house that over looks the sea and pretty much the sea is our way of life here.  I’m inspired by and love nature, and animals and use green and blue a lot in my scrapping.  I spend a lot of time capturing birds and lizards and wildlife with my camera.
My scrapping style is Shabbychic and I love playing with the arty side with it in paints, gesso, tissue paper, and all the lacy bits plus the layering and texture that goes with it.  I love to feel these things in my hands and most of all – I love to see the shadow its casts.
If I had some things that are undeniably me – it would be that I love to match the background of my photo to my background paper…. and extend the photo into the scrapping area, rarely use pattern paper, and usually draw a border around my papers edge and fold it to suggest a frame.  These are not always, but mostly, and I fall not conscious of these habits creating work..… they just kind of evolve as I go along.
My favourite paper to use is Basic Grey background papers – usually they are the plain reverse sides. I’ll pick them up wherever I see them – especially if they are older discontinued lines.

Extending the Background tutorial 

Choose a photo that has either horizons or Vertical lines in it that can be extended.
By placing some pointers – you can easily see where the lines in this photo are.
Here some tissue paper has been sprayed the same colour as the steps and creased in a way that its been moulded where the dark lines extend outwards on each side of the photo.  At this stage both the tissue and the photo is only just sitting on top as a gauge just to see how its working out.
Smearing some paint with my finger into an almost transparent film picks up the next set of horizon lines – a pinky cement colour.

Here I wanted to pick up the darker colour of the grass in the top part of the photo – the dark green right on the edge of the pic.  So I measured where the photo was and placed a scrap piece of paper there and sprayed.
Embellished and finished.   There are a couple of extra things I did to extend the background more.   I’ve made the brown columns behind Paige in the photo extend upwards more and decorated them a bit – to suggest where she was sitting did have a roof.   And I’ve used green crocheted lace to wrap from underneath the photo  and curved it up the side to suggest the circular shape of the podium she was  sitting on.


My heart also goes out to the Queenslanders who are affected so badly in the floods.
I grew up in Toowoomba were so many have died or are missing when an inland Tsunami and storms
 hit with little to no warning. 
Please stay safe and we pray that the water stops and recedes soon



Jolanda said...

Mandy,i feel sad for you and your family!Hope you can give it a special place,Cosmo is always in your heart!!!

Your L/O is amazing!!like always!

Martine Labelle said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your kitty's passing! Cosmo was a beautiful cat! I'm sure he had a full and wonderful life with you! My Chipper just turned 18, and I cherish every day with him as I know his time with me is limited. These little critters sure do take up a big piece of our hearts! Hugs to you and your family!

Dale Tiernan said...

What a beautiful cat. I know how you feel. You'll never forget.

Jenneke said...

So sorry to hear about Cosmo...
I missed your previous post, so I didn't know this was going on. I know how you must feel now, our cat died after being a part of our family for 21 years. It's more than 8 years ago now but I can still see her lying on the couch and feel her warm fur.
I know for sure Cosmo had a wonderful life!!

Your layouts are stunning, as always!! LOVE the way you 'frame' your papers!

Big hug, Mandy, to you and your family!


yyam said...

Thanks for being a guest on my blog and sharing such a wonderful tutorial.:)

The sadness and pain will linger for a while but scrap Cosmo, put to paper what Cosmo meant to your family...it will help in the healing. Take care Mandy!

Sending you a little sunshine from Singapore!

phillipa said...

Ohmygosh!! Mandy I'm so sorry to hear of Cosmo's passing and am thinking of you. I decided long ago not to have any more pets because your heart just breaks when they are lost. Hugs to you xx

jenny said...

Oh Mandy, I was so sorry to hear about Cosmo... 18 years is a long time to share with a beautiful furry family member... sending lots of hugs your way...

Jenny x

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Soooooooooo sorry to hear about Cosmo Mandy!!!! I saw your guest post last night!! CONGRATS! That lo is STUNNING!!! {{{hugs}}} :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Jocelyn said...

I am so sorry for your loss of your Beloved Cosmo!!!! My heart aches for you today!!!! Know that I am thinking and praying for you and the family!!!!! You were blessed to have your sweet Cosmo!!!!

I adore the LO!!!!

BIG HUGS sweet friend!!!!

Lean said...

What a lovely picture of Cosmo..take care and your family to.
byebye,Lean...stunning lay-out to!

Pastila said...

Oh Cosmo...
Very beautiful layout!

Gayle...... that,s me said...

So sorry Mandy to hear about your beautiful cat....... we become so, so attached to our pets and its so hard to loose them. I'm sure he had a very wonderful life, was spoilt and pampered every day and was very happy and content. I loved your tutorial at Do More With Less, great. XX

Jeanet said...

What a beautiful photo! Cosmo was so lucky to be in your family!Those flowers are beautiful! And I love that you are guesting at Yvonne's...heading right over!
hang in there!

Julie said...

Big big hugs Missy. Love that photo of Cosmo.

Great layout too. I am going to pop on over and check out the post.

Sarah aka Byclops said...

I cant believe Cosmo is gone :( I'm so sorry Mandy. Thinking of you and your family xxx

Megan Vin said...

Sorry to hear about your cat, such a beautiful animal! Will we see her featured in her own page at some stage? Your tutorial is awesome, thanks for sharing the link. What I especially like is how you've replicated the light falling through what must be the roof to create the light shadows (if that makes sense) with the doily shapes. Very cool! Anyhoo, inspirational as always~!

Tanya Tahir said...

How beautiful was Cosmo! Pets really are extended members of our families. I'm sorry you are going through this. Hugs xx

Mabaco said...

Mandy, I'm sorry for you and I understand...
My cat is a menber of my family so...
Thinking of you....
Hugs from france!

Marlene Ferreira said...

Mandy, I loved your work.
Now I will follow you. I also have cat,much loved Isolda .
Sorry for your cat. The photo is so beaautiful !