Wednesday, 8 December 2010

I'M ON HOLIDAYS!! YAY!!! and a start on my DEC DAILY!!

Its been a long haul  getting to the finish post with work, and now its time to relax, catch up on Christmas preparations, visit blogs and get stuck into my Dec Daily!  Being a week behind is okay - I've got to catch up!
Last year I packed away my last DD with all the decorations and its been such a delight to get it out and look through it again!  Its made way for more determination to get another done for this year and I've picked a Prima Canvas Album to play with.  Got to say -WHAT FUN!  I just love the time I'm putting into this!  Only the cover and Dec 1st is finished.... but I'll plug on!! 
The cover is misted (looks a bit pink here but it is more red in real life)
Used some alphas as a mask for the 'christmas' word - gathered some vintage sparkly fabric and gathered it and added the leaf ribbon, deers, used some beading and added some prima vines
 And the Dec 1st - was my Art Class - where I've been doing lino cut and prints, and this one has been used for my Christmas cards this year.  I'm not sure yet how I'll do the inside cover of my DD, I'll look at that when all the pages are completed.   Ugh the colour is off for some reason... probably the crappy stormy weather we are having - hopeless for photographing in!  The bird print is maroon - not purple and the '1st is supposed to be dark gray! 

A gorgeous pic of Hannah with her new haircut - and some lovely bits from Tallulah!

Sadly this is the last month that Lou Nelson is running ASJ.  She is one of the most talented scrappers I admire.  She totally brings ART to scrapping!!   Our task was to choose our own Scrap Artist to jack and unbeknown to Lou.... we all ganged up and jacked her!!  (ASJ has some news coming up - and I cant wait to spill the beans.... ) Watch this space!

This was my interpretation of one of Lou's jacks....
And go here to see the details!

'Let's Get Shabby' had a Card Rak recently - and here are the ones I made!
The winners have been announced.... you can find them here.

Oooh oooh oooh!!  Look at these lovelies I bought from Tallulah Belles!
Tallulah Belles is sponsoring 'Let's Get Shabby' for our December Challenge.  

Happy Scrappin!


phillipa said...

Can't wait to see your DD finished will be stunning I know it!!

Ruth said...

Your DD is looking gorgeous.....I really hope to fininsh mine this year by keeping it simple and easy.
It'd be a first if I did!

We have crappy weather too and about 4 months of poor sunlight, it's like living in the dark ages in this country!

Love the cards and the flying reindeer are adorable.

Ruth xxx

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Wowwwwwwwwwww! I loveeeeeeeeeeeeee your Dec. Daily pages Mandy!! GORGEOUS!!! And your lo is sooooooooooo STUNNING!! Thanks for always being sooooooo inspiring!! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Julie said...

gorgeous stuff as always missy mandy

Jolanda said...

wow,what a beauty's!!
Pretty work Mandy!
Have a nice day!!

kathie said...

Oh, I adore the cover of your December Daily!!! Stunning.

(LOL, I really did have to laugh... when I first read your post I took "DD" to mean that you'd packed away your daughter with the christmas decorations.... heehee.... you had me scratching my head for a little bit.)

Jasmine S said...

Beautiful work and that cover is just fab. I love the mix of colour and the reindeers are very cute.