Friday, 30 April 2010


Aren't they gorgeous things!!!
I LOVE yo-yo flowers and if you look through my blog here you will see them on soooo many LO's!!
After getting quite a few comments about them and if I made them.....
I set up a quick little tutorial on
especially after just about filling up one whole LO with them on my DT sample there (lol)  for

Mini-Tutorial HOW TO MAKE YO-YOs

It's sooo easy to fall in love with Yo-yo flowers!!

They are very easy to make and I just zip them together without much fuss or measuring.

LOL - I've been adding them to EVERYTHING at the moment! Firstly I bought a few - but then wanted them in specific colours or sizes - and thats hard when I'd want them on the spur of moment in a frenzy of creativity (soooo sure you know what I mean!!!) I had plenty of bits of fabric and soon enough - I had little plastic packets full of them stashed away for my whims!!

Here's a compact little tute for you to follow:

STEP ONE Cut out a cardboard circle twice as big as you would like your yo yo’s to be.
Place on fabric, draw around the outside of the cardboard circle and cut out.

Press over the edge of the fabric with an iron about ¼ inch in, then tack around with needle and thread keeping fairly close to the ironed crease.

Pull the thread tightly and start gathering the outer edges in

Pull thread very tight until the yo yo has formed.

You can tie off thread and leave plain OR you can add a button!

And finally....
See how differently this looks with a green background!!

Hope you have fun with this one!!!

And its great to use up all those bits and pieces of fabric stashed away!


Oh and I have to share this with you!!!
This is for SIL's 6th blog hop Birthday Celebration...
And I had a little fun with this photo.  Its a blue-tongue lizard helping himself to my aging cat's expensive renal food in the back garden!!  He had it all round his face and even when I caught him red handed....he was not moving!!  The expression was definitely one of 'UH-OH'  Did it deter him....not one bit!

And I have been soooooo busy trying to get my work at the studio done.  Deadlines, deadlines!!!
Then suddenly I had two tutu's that needed decorationing with NO time!
So I brought one home wondering how long it was going to take me to stitch and sew and get to competition standard!!  
THEN a thought struck me!!  ANd this is sooooooooooo ironic!!!
I fell in love with scrapbooking because my love for bits and pieces of pretty things wandered across my tutus onto the pages and otp creations!!! 
ANd now SUDDENLY........ my scrapbooking pretty bits and pieces (namely Prima) have wandered back across my scrapdesk onto my tutus!!!

Talk about save a heap of time and the result is astonishing!!!
I'm tackling a 'red on white' atm!!! So will show that when I've finished!!!

I cant wait to see this under the stage lights!!
It still has some lace and beading to sew yet...
but pretty much its on its sweet way!!


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh so HAPPY U gave a tutorial on the yo-yo's!!!! And hehehhehehehehehehehe...I love love love love love love that lo...that photo STILL cracks me!!!! And for the loveeeeeeeeeeeeee of PRIMA...U ARE A GENIUS!!! I love love love love love what U did with those flowers!! AMAZING! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Gladie said...

thanks for the yoyo tutorial - they are stunning! And the tutu - WOW! Georgeous creation! She's gonna bethe star of the scene :)

Sharon Corn said...

Will definitely try the yoyo flower.

Oh your tutu is gorgeous. I wish I could dance in it. (=

Scrapper & Dancer from M'sia

Bec said...

Ooooo! Yo yo flowers!! yummy!
I've never put them on my layouts! Will have to give it a go!

Looooooove that tutu!! It's absolutely beautiful! Love those yellow flowers (can't remember the name 'painted lady's' maybe) I used them recently and love them.
Can't wait to see the creation you are working on now!!

PorshaCoghlan梁子珠 said...

cool blog,期待更新........................................

Deb said...

I so luv "it's my party" LO...fantastic. AND that tutu has come up a treat....just gorgeous. I think I might spend some time over the weekend making some more yo yo's .... thanks for the tutorial to prompt me along.

Jocelyn said...

So love the yo yo's!! That LO is just stunning and the dress.....swoon......I love it!!!

Wishing you a great day filled with smiles!!! :-)

Jolanda said...

It all looks so beautiful!
The L/O is great!!
Have a nice weekend,Jolanda

Bekka said...

The yo-yo is fantastic -- hopefully I'll find some time to make a few! I am in love with the tutu! Wow!!!!

teacher jessy said...

Love your take on my challenge!! Thanks for playing along at SIL and for being such a great supporter!

That tutu is GORGEOUS. Are those Prima flowers?

Melissa said...

Oh my lord Mandy, you seriously should sub that to Prima...they look A-M-A-Z-I-N-G very clever, and so stunning.Will look incredible on stage.

Sue said...

love the primas on the tutus!!

Julie said...

Just adore what you have done with the tutu and the primas stunning.

Loving the layout too.

jacque4u2c said...

You are such a clever women! I just love all your talent and this post is so is over flowing with nothing but elegance and beauty! Fantastic job!!!

sam said...

I dream to be slim and I can put this magnificent tutu !!! You are a real artist!... And I also like your page... As every time, I am not disappointed by my visit...
see you soon!... Sam

Jenneke said...

Oh my gosh Mandy, that tutu is amazing!!!!!!!!!! ADORE what you did with the flowers!!!!!!!!!
Thanks for showing us how to make the YoYo's on Shabby! Definitely going to try this!

Hugs, Jenneke

Jenneke said...

Forgot to tell you that I LOVE your new picture and blog-layout!!

Mazlina said...

oh mandy..
you did such gorgeous work!! I am loving them all.. you are so creative! :)

Nishant said...

You are such a clever women!
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