Sunday, 6 December 2009


Its good to be back and my first day of holidays is just about over, though it hasnt hit me yet that I'm actually ON holiday! So hopefully over the next day or two or three I'll be able to catch up on everyone settle into a bit of scrapping and feel like my ole self again.
First to a complete surprise and put a humongus smile on my face tonight! AUSSIE SCRAPJACK used this as their JACK!!!
I feel so honoured!

I hope you'll go over and play along - there are some WONDERFUL goodies to be won!

WHAT IS OLD IS NEW December sketch can be found here
Hannah with 'Alfred'.
Jonathan Seagull
Hannah on Steps
Paige sitting quietly!
I'm so behind with my photos getting up on my blog...I do have them though, and will upload a couple a day!!
12TH NOV 09
What a treat!! A mother bird in our garden feeding her two little babies just flown from the nest.
Looking at the sea from the inside to the outside
14TH NOV 09
This horrid creature bit Hannah on the hand in her bedroom!! She ran into us in a panic that something black under her bed had bitten her but didnt know what. We soon spotted it though! We'd never had scorpions in our house before! I caught it and put it in a plastic container. It was very threatening!! We had to give Hannah antihistime and some 'stop itch' and it did the job.
Here's Blacky in the window with his usual 'I cant see you so I know you cant see me' thing going on!
Hopefully I'll upload again tomorrow and start to catch up!!! xx


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh MANDY!!! I love love love love love the lo's and CONGRATS on the Aussie Jack!!!! I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee that green pointsetta material in that one lo!!! GORGEOUS!!! And those photos are AMAZING!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the baby birds...and I am sooooooooooooooooooo glad she is ok after getting bit....SCARY!!....glad to see U back and enjoy your vacation! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Jenneke said...

First of all: WELCOME BACK!!! I missed you so much!!!
And back you are: WOW! Congrats on the Aussie Scrapjacked!! Can I join too, I'm not an Aussie??
And What are those green 'leaves' on the WIOIN layout???? Soooo gorgeous!!
Wonderful photos of the two birds and of your view!! And that scorpion is scaring, I'm glad that Hannah is okay!!
Ahhhh, so good to see your new posts!!!
Looking forward to the next one!!
Enjoy your vacation, Mandy!!


Shimano (aka Christine) said...

Mandy - gorgeous layouts, congrats to you and amazing photos. xx

Bec said...

OMG!! Love the Quiet Moment LO. That paper is gorgeous.
Welcome back and I hope you enjoy your holidays!

Antonella Ryan said...

OHHH MANDY!!! Everything you do is amazing!!!!! You are such an inspiration, Im still trying to work out how to "Shabby" Up baby boy layouts - its proving to be very challenging!!

Jocelyn said...

Missed you sweet friend...congrats on the Aussie Scrapjack!!! Love that one!!!!! Love all the pics...except the scary one of the scorpion....I showed my Hubby your Lo's and told him the story about the seagull and he said....SHE HAS A GOOD SOUL!!! I agree with him of course!!!

Wishing you a wonderful week!!!! Love ya girlie!!! :-)

Tanya said...

Congrats on the Aussie Jack! I must sound like a broken record but your work is just so inspiring! I love the Christmas layout - the fabric is devine. Ouch about the scorpion - nasty lil things they are!!

Sandra D said...

gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!!!

Louise said...

How could we not Jack you girl!!!

Ur 'Stuff' is fabulous!!!


yyam said...

Yay! Welcome back! Miss your amazing work gal! Wonderful textures and colours! :)

Gladie said...

Wow, your LOs are stunning! Welcome back - and congrats on the Jack!!! :D Scorpions - oh my. :/
Glad to hear she'll be all right!