Sunday, 31 May 2009


I've been able to do heaps of scrapping over the past two days! Just love love love my challenge blogs!! I would have to say entering or designing for these blogs would definitely be the most single factor in progressing in this artform. Each challenge blog comes with its own set of various criteria offering an opportunity to give something new (even though higly experimental at times)......a go! I wasnt going to enter CREATIVE TYPE this time.....'ugh numbers' I thought (throwing hands in the air)....'just not into numbers' (twisting mouth sideways) crossed it off my list of things to do. Then last night I gave myself a little 'kick' and put it back ON the list and faced it!!!! I'm sooo delighted with the outcome!!!
I stuck some older numbers I've had forever on the left side of the LO, painted over with cream and then layered and squished tissue paper over the top(edited - this is a large piece of fragile gift-wrapping paper, (not toilet paper lol), painted again and rubbed some pale green ink over the top of the numbers for some definition........did I already say how much I love paint and layering!! Here's dd in her fav spot!!! I couldnt count how many books she reads and re-reads a week!! She has also written her own novels at home!
'One day.....' she thinks!
BASB #13 My goodness......this was ANOTHER challenge I crossed of my list and another little 'kick' I had to give myself.........yeah - did that same thing as with the numbers......'punches-I have one, but.......' so without even giving myself any reason or justification as to why I shouldnt give it a go - I crossed it off the list! I DO need to remind myself of the stash that needs using including tools - and this little creative outlet was soooo much fun!!!!! Look what I ended up doing with my water threader punch (is that what its called??) Anyway I had the most perfect photo and this LO just fell together! Big thank you to the DT of BASB cos, I look at this punch and my circle punches a little differently now! 31ST MAY 09 PHOTO The leak in our water meter has been fixed and I couldnt bear to not take a photo of the pump letting water just flow down our street. I'm sure the council workers think I'm 'star-ange'!!!! teehee! Great pic though hey!!!

Saturday, 30 May 2009


Loved loved loved creating this LO! The Jack this time was an album cover which made room for such an arty feel!! Me and my paints had a lovely time! The black shadow of the crevice in the mountain side gave an opportunity to follow that down the page with black paint.
You can check the challenge here.
Meaghan and her ballooning were perfect for this!! The jack has a suspended figure with strings attached.....yep......perfect! (big smile!)


SCRAPSCENE Who subscribes to this? Its a fabbo daily newsletter on the who's who of scrapbooking and who's doing what in scrapbooking. I've learnt so much from it! Being in Australia, its in my inbox first thing in the morning and I always look forward to opening it up to see what eyecandy is in it for the day! I thought I'd share it with you. -------------------------------------------------------

30TH MAY O9 PHOTOOh dear - a crack in the pipe where the water meter is!!!! Because the water meter isnt turning that's a council problem and not ours!! Phew! They'll be here tomorrow and I'll have no water between 11-12 midday. I'll cope with that. Just need my kettle full of water for my cup of tea and I'm happy!


Such a sweety that she is.......Jenneke is offering some wonderful goodies or even a stay in her holiday house..........if you live in Holland or closeby....but let me tell you as an owner of one of her famous dutch aprons.......I'd be happy with the happy mail! Hmmn, since I have an apron, I'd pass this onto one of our scrappy friends but I sure am eyeing off that gorgeous-smorgeous dutch trim!! (and other goodies!) Here's a looky at the generous situation..... Yep......definitely a sweety!
PEGGY who is another gorgeous girl gave me these friendship awards.
Thanks so much. I've never seen anyone go from beginner to advanced techniques in scrapping as I have Peggy within DAYS - extraordinary! That is a true artist!
I'm truly hopeless at passing them on...because I fight against my clock here.... but thanks soooo much my dear friend from Belgium! xx

Friday, 29 May 2009


The challenge is about buddies. This is Jess, I see her every year when I travel interstate to teach at at a workshop. She's the same age as my eldest dd and I become 'mum' to her too!
Jess is so sweet and full of sunshine - the sunflowers were perfect for this lo!

FAREWELL LAYOUT FOR SCRAP THERAPY Yes its time to farewell my time with Scrap Therapy with one last challenge this weekend from the retiring design team. We all submitted criteria to the challenge that best describes our 'style'. Mine was distressing and lace! No surprises there lol! Anyway PT who is ALWAYS full of wordy words wanted 'substantial journaling' - my weakness!!! Sooooo this is how I got out of it LOL!!!!!! PT - you got the two words instead!! (such a sweetheart!!!) Over my time with ST I've formed a very close friendship to Julie who's scrapping is aspiring and who's been my sounding board especially when I've agonised over things! Thank you Julie from the bottom of my heart. I know that this is a friendship that be lasting and hopefully one day we might even get to meet! Relsi will be staying on at Scrap Therapy in an administration role without being a design team member. Month by month there are going to be guest designers until a permanent new design team is picked.

WOW its been a journey and one of growth for me. I'll still be popping in and out of the forum!! ------------------------------------------------------------
A note from Charmane:
We're getting excited about the 123 Blog Party - and hope that you are too!!!Karlene has come up with a GORGEOUS new blinkie for us to put up on our blogs! All the details are here
It's almost the end of the month and we NEED CRITERIA IDEAS!!! So please email yours to - we may use it! Make sure you pop in on Monday June 1st to see what the 123 Challenge will be!!!And if you haven't checked it out already we have started preparing for the 123 Blog Party - which will be held on Monday June 15th - we've put our first Playlist and looking for YOUR favourite songs for Movie Soundtracks -
Keep your eyes peeled for more updates COMING VERY SOON!!!THANKS!
26TH MAY 09 PHOTO This is Hannah's favourite corner in our local library. I usually drop her off while I run errands, then pick her up afterwards....and this is how I always find her - in the 'teenage mystery section' on the floor amongst the books! Needless to say we walk out with armfuls! She wants to be a librarian one day.

27TH MAY PHOTO Its this time of year when all the little toadstool and mushrooms start to raise their heads. They always make me smile and I can never resist taking photos whenever I see a cluster. There's something mystical about them. 28THE MAY PHOTO Whooooohooo - as much as I love my kids - this hardly EVER happens! Paige has gone on a road trip with good friends and Hannah has gone up the farm to have some 'Nan and Pop' time. And me.........I'm gonna get a heap done at home without kids !!! Its school holiday here. 29TH MAY PHOTO Look who has the run of the couch without the kids at home!! I'm suprised these two un-friends are even sleeping this close together! They are funny though. Cosmo did have the spot with the blanket first......then got down and went for a walk, AND without wasting a moment, Blacky jumped up and snuggled down. Not to be put out - Cosmo strategically placed himself closeby! Truly - the pair have been together for years, yet they still walk 'around' each other. Cosmo is the boss, but Blacky has his silent little ways of getting to him every now and then!

Tuesday, 26 May 2009


Check out the challenge here. I've used my kit from WHAT'S OLD IS NEW. Love love love how this has turned out. Here is my brother with me sitting bareback(in front) and my two younger sisters (behind) in our front yard in Toowoomba. My love of horses started young. This was 1968 (big grin). -------------------------------------------
SCRAPPING THE MUSIC#87 Check out the song for this week - FREE TO BE ME Both the title and the lyrics are very scrappable!!! Loved scrapping this LO of DD Meaghan! If you look closely, I've managed to blend the whole photo into the background by matching the papers and placing horizons/lines in the right places!! ------------------------------------------------------- 25TH MAY PHOTO Tee hee....this is the first time I've ever seen Blacky (my aged big ex-feral) do this - The tap was dripping in the bath and there he was sticking his face under it trying to drink (he has a perfectly good cat bowl of water in the kitchen!) Anyway, I spyed him through the door crack, ran and got my camera, got back, tried to focus, but feeling like he was guilty of something, scrambled to jump out of the bath.... still.... I caught the drip of the tap and the splashes over his face - it was too funny!

Sunday, 24 May 2009


OLW # 52
The word this week is 'Reflect' I love scrapping Hannah as she has these moments of deep inner thoughts and sometimes I'm lucky enough to capture it on camera. Here she spent quite a bit of time looking out into the ocean. The day was slightly overcast with looming dark storm clouds rolling in over the water....
I love using paint, and managed to paint into a negative of an old title I had - what a great effect!
The challenge is to scrap about something you miss. And after my wonderful experience on horseback a few weeks ago bringing in all the old memories of my ponyclubbing days.........weeeeeell I soooo miss it! Just racing along the beach with the seabreeze against my skin.......there is nothing like it! Unexplainable happiness!
MIX IT UP # 20
The Challenge is a design one. Take a look here
No secret about how much I love little birds! I do this primarily for the little brown sparrows that visit my garden!
ONLY ONE WEEK TO GO to get your May 123 Challenge layouts in - if you have been thinking of applying for the 123 Creative Team this is your last week to get this part of your application in! If you need some inspiration - go check out the 123 Challenge
The 123 Challenge Blog is having a BIG BLOG PARTY - held on Monday June 15th - MUSIC, CHATTING and we have LOADS of prizes up for grabs - with games to play - bingo, treasure hunt, blog hopping and MORE! and they'll be ONE BIG SCRAPPING CHALLENGE.... there's only one catch - you MUST complete the June 123 Challenge to be in the running to win!!! More details SOON!!!
This is a little sneaky peek at a page I created for SandraD over at ScrapTherapy which is a prize she won for being a Challenge Champion. I love how this page turned out so much - I dont want to part with it!! However it was helped along by the fantastic photo she sent! Hopefully once Sandra receives it, she may let me post the full LO here!!
24TH MAY 09
Oooooooh yes I doooooooooo and am I happy ..........oooooooooh yes I AM!!
You'll all find out next week sometime!! Teehee!!!!

Friday, 22 May 2009


Inching towards the end of the May.   Big sister LO!!  --------------------------------------------------------------------------- And here's an Acrylic Mini-Album I made for Hannah - she brought home an amazing report from school - so this was created with that in mind. I've used alcohol inks (I'm in love with these!) MME journaling cards, titles and transparencies. Oh and the beautiful butterfly on the front is one Jenneke sent me - isnt it perfect for the cover!!!

22ND MAY PHOTO This arrived today!!! My prize for winning at Scrapping Across the Universe! These wonderful goodies where sent from 'Chop Suey' - just gorgeous!!! Thanks Bree!!!

Thursday, 21 May 2009

19th May PHOTO Here's my latest Vintage Embellishment Kit from 'What's Old is New'
I cant wait to create with this! Hopefully over the weekend!
Here is a wonderful LO that Julie scrapped of Paige for me and I got it in the mail with one of her most GORGEOUS cards - thanks ssssssssssoooooooo much Julie! I love love love them!!!
Julie also sent me a lovely blog award. Here it is!!!
Ooooooooooooooh and look at this gorgeous-smorgeous Sussi that Amy sent me!!! Love it, ADORE every little bit of it AMY - you are precious!! THANK YOU SOOOOOO much Blossom!! I have a hundred ideas buzzing in my head right now with what I can do with all these lovelies!!
Amy also sent me this award, thanks so much for saying such lovely words xxxxx
The Latest ADTHIS Challenge
Here's my DT sample:
ADTHIS - My time is almost up as a SPRING design team member, sooooo I've applied for another 3 months with this interpretation of this ad. I LOVED recreating this in my own way. Who knows if I'm re-chosen - but this site is a definite fave of mine!

Monday, 18 May 2009


SCRAPPING THE MUSIC #85 The song this week is 'These are the Days' and here's my design team sample...... Look at my little cherubs! Hannah and Paige were little village girls in the production of 'Coppelia'. Here's a moment of relaxation when being fitted for costumes!
MIX IT UP #19 Here's the challenge This is me at Marine Land in Queensland. Boy has it changed from back then! LOL - I guess I have too!!
16th MAY 09 A lovely little moment in ballet - a little dancer caught dancing in the mirror -sooo sweet.
17th MAY 09Spent the afternoon in the garden, starting to do the winter snipping. This is the bottom half of the drive - soooo rolling up the sleeves - the tidying begins!
18th MAY 09 I love my challenge blogs!! A big plus for me is that I dont have to list products! I'm just not that organised! I love to rip things out of the packaging and put them in pretty bottles etc and the products become part of the decor here in my scrapstudy! (big smile)

Friday, 15 May 2009


SCRAPPING ACROSS THE UNIVERSE The Challenge is to be inspired by the lyrics "Help From My Friends" , and weeeell I thought this was a fab photo for my title! Here is Meaghan in Turkey (across the universe from Australia!) propped up behind an ancient statue in a little humorous pose!
KIDDIE LIT (Inspiration Between the Pages) WHOO AND IT WON!!!!!!!
This is the very first Challenge for this brand new exciting blog based on Children's Literature! The inspiration is from the book 'Wizard of Oz'. I've managed most of the criteria in this altered project. Its a lid/casing off a stack of 100 blank CD which I've managed to change into a trinket container for DD.
A tick for these things used:
Silver sequins
Blue gingham ribbon
Yellow ricrac
Green background
Teeny moth
Lyrics from Wicked on Butterflies Butterflies are part of the journey
Here's my DT sample for the challenge this week
Soooo busy at the moment, so just putting up the photos no time to scrap them into my little journal....
The amount of paper I go through for newsletters - I dread doing them, it takes soooo much time and ink.......but there you are - it has to be done (grimmace) Doesnt this make your heart sing. Here its not even quite winter, and those little daffodils are pushing up through the soil. This is very early! Is it me, or are the seasons really out of whack?

Thursday, 14 May 2009


Its 3.30am here in Tassie, and after tossing and turning, I got up to do something constructive! I had OLW's latest Challenge 'TWO' half done, so thought I might finish it. Checking my computer, OLW had a 'Treasure Hunt' happening .... 'aaaaah, good, I'll have a little play' (I talked to myself as you do in the wee hours of the morning! lol!) I never thought that playing that game at 2.30 in the morning would see me as coming in as no. 5 out of the eight winners by 3.30!!!! Well - knock me down with a feather!! LOL!
Furthermore, I finished my LO for OLW too!! (pardon the pun) One Last Word has just turned TWO - therefore some fun things are happening on their website! This is Hannah - just a bit over having her photo taken!!! I love this pic of her hands, it was a spontaneous fun reaction from her - so it called for some spontaneous fun colour!
Here's Paiges little felt cushion she made for me for Mother's Day. It was a complete surprise. She did a fab job having very little sewing experience!
Hannah discussing her performance with her drama teacher. Hannah excelled in her part playing a little old lady. Her teacher was extremely happy with her! Here we are leaving to go home - very happy!
Yes, back at it again. Hannah had performed well and halfway through I thought she may have 'it in the bag'!!! But she had a blank and had to be prompted twice, one straight after the other - just nerves, but the adjudicator raved about what a HUGE talent she was (over the microphone)and it was a shame she couldn't place her because of the 2 prompts. I think this was better than winning and I could see Hannah's heart just SWELL and her smile was priceless. The adjudicater didnt say anything about the ones that did place! In the pic we are looking at her report - it was fabulous!

SELF-explanatory! Really - its just mental torture! One more treatment to go - UGH!