Tuesday, 14 April 2009

EVEN MORE SCRAPPING!! (loving these Easter Holidays!)

AD THIS Check out the challenge here Loved loved loved the advert to interpret!! Here's my DT interpretation! The twist is to use liquid mediums and stamps. I painted up my large music stamp!!! Totally love to use paint probably a little more than ink on stamps!! I also loved the colouring of the advert - and I think thats what is always my initial motivation usually!  

MIX IT UP #14 I love the challenges on this blog! It aways has something for everybody! This time the challenge was to go 'POSTAL' You can check it out here. I wrote home to my dh (who was my BF at the time) extremely often while away dancing. The stamps are off one such letter. Here I am in London at Convent Gardens. It was the dead of Winter - cold cold cold!
He walked away and wouldnt have anything to do with me!!! And when he finally decided he'd 'punished' me enough - he couldnt stay away laying all over me the minute I sat down.

The moment the girls spotted the breakfast table with their goodies!! SUCH a joyful chatter was breakfast time!
I just cant control MESS in my scrap study. I know if I stopped to clean up each time - I'd give up! Grrr, if only there were such things as little scrapping tidying fairies that would visit in the night!

AWARD Thanks soooo much to lovely lovely Amy (Amuffoletto) who sent me this little award
It made me smile!!! AND - someone else made me smile today - weeeeeell, brought tears to my eyes when I visited her blog!!! Thanks sooooo much Beccy, you really did make my Easter with your lovely words. So with that said I'm going to give this award to BECCY
Visit her blog - she's doing gorgeous work!


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

ABSOLUTELY STUNNING work!!!! U always INSPIRE me to be better!!! Thanks for all the BEAUTIFUL work U do!!!! GORGEOUS!!! And CONGRATS on the BLOG award!!! U totally DESERVE IT! :):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Bec said...

Awww shucks Mandy!!
Thank you so much. That is so sweet!
You give me inspiration to step outside the norm and to scrap "my way".

I love your AD This layout and your Easter Sunday journal page. Gorgeous!
Poor Blackie. Hope he's over it!!

Shimano (aka Christine) said...

Such wonderful LO's - totally gorgeous. xx

Maria said...

Gorgeous layouts as always, Mandy!

And yes, school holidays are FANTASTIC! :D

Julie said...

So loving these pages yet again Missy Mandy. Gorgeous stuff. Congrats on the blog award too.

Wendy said...

Congrats on your award Mandy, you really deserve it!

Love all your pages too, you are doing such a great job on it!

Peggy said...

Congrats on the blog award Mandy, you so deserve it! I love everything you did here, the LO's are amazing, and all of the journal pages gave me a bit of a giggle. Especially the one with your cat being mad at you ... they really can do that don't they, it's actually fun to watch LOL. And my desk (in my living room!!!!) looks exactly like your space when I'm working, and usually it stays that way for a few days before I get tired of the mess and clean it up.
xxx Peggy

amuffoletto said...

I love to visit your blog. Your pages are so beautiful. They have sweet little details and layers that I love to look at. I am really loving your journal. Wowwwwww....Your blog makes me smile....You are my inspiration today. Please email me your mailing address I would love to send you a little "sussee".