Thursday, 30 April 2009


I'm on my way to Scrap Therapy's retreat!! Not before stopping in for a couple of nights to visit my DD in Sydney!! I'll try catch up on everyone's blogs sooon...promise! Stay tuned!

Friday, 24 April 2009


SCRAPPING ACROSS THE UNIVERSE challenge is all about running! I love this 1962 pic of my mother holding my hand trying to run from my big brother who was pretending to catch me!! I giggle at my the look on my face that my mother obviously encourgaged!!! (you HAVE to click to enlarge to get a glimpse of that face!!! LOL) I can picture my dad snapping the photo encouraging the getaway too! As for trouble - I was trouble - a toddler who barely slept and was always running or climbing! My parents took me out in the afternoon often to let me 'wear down' so I'd sleep better!

Thursday, 23 April 2009

CREATIVE TYPE (and journalling pages OH AND SUCH A SURPRISE)!

CREATIVE TYPE#15 is about journalling and on the photo! I did this as a basic LO years ago so thought it was time to spruce it up and bring it back to life trying to capture the movement in the photo. Oh and for my international buddies....bottlebrush is a beautiful red flower that looks like a bottle brush. The bushes look glorious when in flower.
22 AND 23 APRIL Daily diary quick JOURNALLING PAGES
I finally got in to see my dentist about this tooth! And since I am going away next week for 1o days, he cant commence root canal treatment (*shudder*) so it has once again been temporarily fixed up until I my next appointment when I get back. I'll be glad to get to the end of this drama!
WHAT A LOVELY SURPRISE!!! I remember admiring a gorgeous apron Jenneke had ....... weeeell you could have knocked me down with a feather - that gorgeous girl sent me one!!! Ooooh Jenneke - I've worn it all day!!! I love love love it!!! (as well as your little note, stickers and those beautiful butterflies!) Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you my dear friend!! (oh and I realised I've left an 'n' out of your name.....I have fixed it in my journal!!! sorry- wasnt thinking - rolling eyes!)

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

MIX IT UP (and journalling pages)

MIX IT UP #15 is to use a non-traditional base - and I've used a vintage torn-out braille page. The glimmermist takes to it like MAGIC as it soaks into all the little indentations!!! Love the result!
There's such a magic about old movies, and late at night I often catch one! The colour was quite extraodinary here in this 1947 rendition of 'Sinbad the Sailor' starring Douglas Fairbanks Jr and the beautiful Maureen O'Hara! So here I was trying to capture the colour by photographing the TV!! It worked! LOL!
AND to my gorgeous online buddy - Julie T-W..........thanks so much for the lovely RAK you sent, I love love love your note, the little milk bottle cap and trim!! I was soooo happy, I decided to put you in my journal!!! xxxxx

Monday, 20 April 2009

AD THIS, SCRAPPING THE MUSIC #82 (and journalling pages)

AD THIS challenge is to interpret the advert (here) and use different pens in different ways. This is what I came up with!
SCRAPPING THE MUSIC newest song is 'Made to Love'. Pop on over here to check it out and have a go!! I have had these series of Paige cartwheeling for ages and finally found the perfect scrapping motivation in this song!!!

16TH APRIL 09 Journaling Page You can tell its getting cold out when my two furbabies are curled up in arm chairs by the open fire fast asleep first thing in the morning! How spoilt are they! Blackie looks like a black blob in his chair! Horrible, cold, miserable changable weather outside! 17TH APRIL JOURNALING PAGE

Yay - at last a drying day!! The sun broke through and it was a bit warmer - just lovely!!!
And what a glorious day it was!! We got a fabulous park for our car - we got a wonderful fence-side table right near the winners post! And we spent the day sitting sipping drinks - eating great food and backing winners!! Dh work were the sponsors so we were pretty well looked after! I still cant believe the wonderful weather!! The sea was blue, the grass green and the bright bold colours of the drivers silks on their sulkies were intense and incredible! Luckily we live 1mins drive away so not far to travel home after a 'tiring' day (teehee!)
19TH APRIL JOURNALING PAGE A Sunday night game for the girls!! While I sat at my computer - it was lovely to hear the chit-chat and in-depth discussions between two sisters!

Thursday, 16 April 2009


April 1,2,3 Challenge? Use at least 2 stamps and stamping techniques, Paint splattering & Use scrap paper from your stash! Cant see much of my gold paint splatter - but it is there!!!! Same with my very large background stamp in gold - it didnt show up well when photographing either! Click to enlarge may help a bit. Alpha is stamped with paint, got my scraps under the photo. And whoooooo is this in the photo - its me! Yes a lifetime ago when I was 'Mandy the horse-woman' - (18yrs in the photo) LOL - it almost doesnt feel real now.

   ONE LITTLE WORD #49 - NO There is the most incredibly touching story on the OLW website it inspired the word NO It really moved me. Here's Paige in her typical 'No' look!! LOL! I tend to see this look a lot lately!!
14th APRIL JOURNAL PAGE (I'm still keeping these fairly simple, using only scraps and only taking 20mins from beginning to end every day.)
This storm hit out of the blue (or should I say black skies) early in the morning waking us all, the ran came right in under our veranda into the very large recess where our front door is (this has never happened before) The winds shifts and swung around my quite heavy outdoor dining setting and next doors green house -GONE!
It went as fast as it came - and the following calm was EERIE!
The cold has arrived.
Having said that about the storm and the cold arriving......we've experienced another cold day and night, and I soooooo love my open fireplace in the loungeroom!! It takes no time to light it, and yes it would be easier if I turned on the electric heating in the livingroom.....but nah - I love staring into the flames and feeling the raw warmth. (cosy cosy cosy)

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

EVEN MORE SCRAPPING!! (loving these Easter Holidays!)

AD THIS Check out the challenge here Loved loved loved the advert to interpret!! Here's my DT interpretation! The twist is to use liquid mediums and stamps. I painted up my large music stamp!!! Totally love to use paint probably a little more than ink on stamps!! I also loved the colouring of the advert - and I think thats what is always my initial motivation usually!  

MIX IT UP #14 I love the challenges on this blog! It aways has something for everybody! This time the challenge was to go 'POSTAL' You can check it out here. I wrote home to my dh (who was my BF at the time) extremely often while away dancing. The stamps are off one such letter. Here I am in London at Convent Gardens. It was the dead of Winter - cold cold cold!
He walked away and wouldnt have anything to do with me!!! And when he finally decided he'd 'punished' me enough - he couldnt stay away laying all over me the minute I sat down.

The moment the girls spotted the breakfast table with their goodies!! SUCH a joyful chatter was breakfast time!
I just cant control MESS in my scrap study. I know if I stopped to clean up each time - I'd give up! Grrr, if only there were such things as little scrapping tidying fairies that would visit in the night!

AWARD Thanks soooo much to lovely lovely Amy (Amuffoletto) who sent me this little award
It made me smile!!! AND - someone else made me smile today - weeeeeell, brought tears to my eyes when I visited her blog!!! Thanks sooooo much Beccy, you really did make my Easter with your lovely words. So with that said I'm going to give this award to BECCY
Visit her blog - she's doing gorgeous work!

Monday, 13 April 2009


This weeks song is 'This is Me' and I've used some lyrics that suited this pic of Paige in her dressing room getting ready.

I had a ball with this one - check out my background - wood, gaffa tape and paint! Stamping and ink.......oooh and those PRIMA flowers! AND ... you have no idea about the little girl behind the picture perfect photo!

Sunday, 12 April 2009


Easter morning here is tradition - the egghunt, and THE BREAKFAST!
Oh and THE photo!!! I take this same sort of photo every year!! And I love this one- yep already whipped up into a LO!!!!
This little Easter Bunny stays up late (not unusal) until everyone had finally gone to bed - then out with the goodies! I decorate that breakfast table (well in a fashion) like a Christmas tree - though not as fancy, but the intention is the same. Near the easter plates sits everyone's Easter eggs - and its here while breakfast is cooking that our family sees their EASTER treats for the first time!

Hannah is gluten and dairy-free - but Easter Bunny being totally aware of this has some yummy goodies just for her!

Paige just loves CHOCOLATE just like her dad!! You can tell who the pink girl is in our house! MORNING -Curtains drawn all ready to go....its joyful!!
EGGhunt completed and the surprise table awaits!
Bunny ears that just wont stay upright!!  
Checking out the goodies......yes Paige....I know....I'm hopeless.....I even got Easter napkins!
Time for TUCKING-IN!! Scrambled eggs!! YUM!

2009 Easter Projects:

Daily page..


Saturday, 11 April 2009

DESIGN EXPERIMENT, CREATIVE TYPE (and some journal photos)

I've finally arrived home from an exhausting but somewhat motivating week! PLUS its fabulous to arrive home and STILL be on holidays for another 10 days!! YAY! Anyway needless to say, I've already spent time in my scrapstudy catching up on some of my favourite blog challenges to wind down! (very big wide smile!!)
DESIGN EXPERIMENT #45What would you grab if you had ONLY 15 mins before a hurricane hit! (not including kids or pets) Weeeeell, some choices were a no brainer really! lol! Totally fun challenge! Loved it!
Its all about using the '@' sign!!! How creative is th@! LOL!


Of course I didnt have time to 20min scrap these photos while I was away, but they will still be journalled upon and hole-punched and slipped into my journal....

My first day at work at the studio for workshop, love the light and space - just had to take a pic!

Ready to start work the following morning. (just setting up before each arrived)
I'd had put up with toothache for a couple of days, and this day became too much and even the medication didnt help. I had a crack in my tooth from grinding (being out of my comfort zone!) Anyway, my brother found me a wonderful dentist who fixed it up until I am able to get home and have Easter out of the way before I get to my own dentist. Why do these things happen at the most in-opportune time!!!! I managed to teach my classes but missed doing my colleague's classes.
Here are a couple of teachers I've been training this week, along with my colleague who is demonstrating and having a laugh!!! It was the last day, in the last class. We were winding down. It was a pretty full on week and it seemed all the teachers who came to learn from us went home feeling refreshed and happy with themselves! Thats me in the blue behind with a couple more of the teachers.

My last entry where I sat and did my computer work all week. It was time to shut the computer down and catch my plane.

11TH APRILToday I listed these (and ones like these) on ebay!! I've got soooo much old old old music sheet paper hidden away which I inherited, and rather than it rot away in a dark place....I thought I'd revitalise it and list it for use in someone's much love scrapping albums.....