Thursday, 15 January 2009

TODAY IS HANNAH'S 14TH BIRTHDAY ............................. THE CREATIVE TYPE.................. 14TH January Journal Page

Here she is! Finally Hannah rises out of bed! (these teenagers do cling to the bed sheets - it's 11.30am!) She's unwrapping books here - her fave things!! 14 years ago this beautiful girl was born by emergency C-section and the doctors could not get her breathing. Her first week of life was touch and go and then for her first 16mths of life she was on a heart and respiratory monitor. We had some awful scares and a long journey to get her to the gorgeous gentle hearted girl she is today. We are blessed and we are thankful...
Here's a new challenge blog I've decided to try out 'The Creative Type'
Its really different, and I thought it would force me to think even more outside the square and use tools/skills/techiques I've not contemplated before - weeeeell thats what I'm hoping!!
Here's my very first entry
I truly truly am finding it hard to not layer and add lumpy bumpy things to these pages...because these 8x8's have to be squished into a 3 ringed album (or two!) I look at them and feel they are 'unfinished' because I've not added lace or flowers etc....but I need to change my perspective of what its purpose is! LOL
For alot of people, they would say - 'ONLY 31c' but truly for our coast that sits right on Bass Strait - it truly is HOT! We are not used to it! Its lucky to ever reach 27-28c in Summer any year and that may only happen once or twice. The girls and I picked dh up from work and we went to the beach about 5.30pm and it was wonderful!
Oh and a little footnote:
Its our wedding anniverary too! We dont tend to celebrate it as Hannah's birthday takes priority....but one day we might - when she leaves home! lol


Lisa said...

cool page! i think we would all love a bigger craft room lol!

Jane Smith said...

Your girl is beautiful! Love your latest layout...this suits you {the paint and texture}..You look so natural at this type of page. Xjs.

Wendy said...

You have a very beautiful girl!! I love the lay-outs.
I also wish you a happy wedding anniversary!

Jenneke said...

First of all: congratulations!!! To Hannah for her birthday and to you and your husband for youw wedding-anniversary!
What a story about the first years of your daughter.. I understand that you are grateful now that everything is okay with her. And she is so beautiful too!
And beautiful is also your layout. And funny. The colors make it scream!!
31 degrees... mmmmm... I would love that at the moment! We had more than 18 degrees of frost last week (in the night).. Do you want to change??

Pam said...

You don't need abigger scraproom-You create FANTASTIC stuff in the one you've got!! AWESOME page!!

Peggy said...

Congratulations to Hannah for her birthday, to you and your husband for your wedding anniversary!
I love love love your LO about your scraproom, I don't have words to say how much I love that one! Though you should feel lucky to even have a scraproom ... my "scraproom" is the kitchen or dining table LOL.
I forgot to tell you, I've been awarded a blog award, and wanted to pass it on to you, so check out my blog!
xxx Peggy

Kent said...

Great layout - Thanks for playing with us over at The Creative Type!

Sandy said...

i LOVE LOVE that layout!!! so glad you came over to play!! (-;

judean said...

love that house on your Resolutions layout!

Savitri said...

Wow, these are awesome pages!! What a gorgeous little girl you have! Happy late birthday and so so glad that she's now 14 and still going! What a tough little baby you were!! Happy anniversary too!