Monday, 12 January 2009

Mini-Album (and 11th Jan Journal) + Scrapping the Music Sample

Hannah, Paige and I were invited to a baby shower! It was Hannah and Paige's very first time being included into something like this - with the 'woman-folk'! The games and the laughter was fabulous! My very close friend and I marvelled at the pregnancy of the mother-to-be and remininsce about how we (my very close friend and I) had met 25 or so years ago in hospital - having the first of our children, one of which is hers - the father-to-be! So her next stage in life begins - as a grandmother.....
So here we were now watching the next generation begin theirs (big happy sigh)
As for me...I seem a long way off for grandparenting as my eldest daughter isnt even thinking anything remotely close to this!!! (big happy sigh!!) LOL
Anyway, back to the point.....
I made this little mini-album up with a skeleton kit I bought from so long ago that I cant remember, and transformed it into 'FIRST 7 DAYS'. I thought that this was more a gift of 'from my house to yours'. I put so much time and effort into this - it was hard to give away, though I know it will be treasured by the mother-to-be who is just an adorable person!
It has lots of places to pop little happy snaps and tags to jot memories or stats....or attach memorabilia just for the first 7 days.

11th January Journal Page

This song this week is "Pictures of You" by 'The Last Goodnight' you can find it here
I changed the title a little - but its one I love of Hannah thinking of all the things she could be


Wendy said...

I love the mini-album, it's such a nice souvenir. It's nice to look ati it when the baby is older. Lovely lay-outs also, you do make such wonderful work. We have to print some pictures again, so we can scrap again.

Gladie said...

Love your STM page, and the minialbum is so cute! :D

I really hope you don't become a grandmother in a while, though... LOL :P

Julie said...

Just love the brighty colours of your mini album and both your journal layout and the STM one. Awesome Missy.

jacque4u2c said...

Awesome mini-album! What a great job! Wonderful!

Jenneke said...

Your layout for StM is so wonderful!! Love that picture!!
And your journalpage and the mini-album are GREAT too. I can imagine it was hard for you to give it away.
Have a nice monday, granny... hihi..

Anne-Britt said...

Hi. I really love the mini-album and I think it was so great with all the colors. And your LO at STM are so beautiful. You have a lovely blog. Thanks for seeing it;)