Monday, 5 January 2009

HERE'S MY SECRET REVEALED!! (and Jan 4th page)

I'm delighted with being asked to join 'SCRAPPING THE MUSIC' design team! This is my first international position with such incredibly talented and strong women! My only hope is that I can measure up to their creativity and inspiration! I love using music as an inspiration!
Here's my sample for this week inspired by the song 'Hands' by Jewel Go visit and get inspired! Here's my JANUARY 4TH for my 365 journal Still in the garden....but this time I've focused on dh's wheelbarrow and gardening! This is his new shiny bright blue barrow! Its not anything like my well worn out rusty green one! You can just make out the bright rope ladder in the pear tree (folded up out of the way while gardening) that my girls still get fun climbing trees with! To me this is a priceless caught moment


ScrapManda said...

Awesome news! Congrats! Will be sure to check out the next music challenge!

Belinda Venables said...

Congrats Mandy. I will have to have a go at one of the challenges one day....:D

Yay for you!!!


The Tucker's and Wolek's said...

Girllllllll!!!! I am sooooooooooo EXCITED to be working with U!!! AND I knew YOUR secret....hehehehehehehe.....cuz I had the SAME ONE! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Leanne said...

Congratulations! This is wonderful news!!! Can't wait to see what you create!

Well done.

deana said...

CONGRATS on the new DT! You SOO deserve it & that LO is beautiful! :-)

jacque4u2c said...

AWESOME!!!!! I am so thrilled for you - and you so derserve this honor! Great job! ;o)

Jenneke said...

Yesterday I was looking at the site of STM and saw your picture! I wrote you a comment but started doubting because I did'nt see any message of you about joining the DT. So I removed the message, hihi..
Now I could put it back, because it is true, you are on the DT of STM!!!!!!!!!!
Congratulations Mandy!! I'm so happy for you! You really deserve this because your work is so wonderful and creative!!
I'm also a great fan of Julie, so I'll be into this challenge from now on!

Julie said...

ts Missy Mandy it is going to be fun working with you at therapy and stm.

Peggy said...

Hey Mandy,

Yay!!!!! Congrats on making the dt, I'm sure you'll do much better than just measure up!!!

Thanks for your tips on the 365 Project, I thought about it some more and decided you're right, starting out with 12x12 would be too much to take on, and I want each day on a different page anyway. However, I'm not too keen on cutting up my limited stack of cardstock, so I'll have to come up with a solution for that problem... but I'll figure it out LOL!! I'll definitely be following your project for some inspiration!!
xxx Peggy

Kathie said...

congrats to you Mandy!! Have a blast!!!