Saturday, 10 January 2009

9th Jan Journal

Weeeeeeeell, it was 'that' time - where scraps were all over the place, coming from all corners of my scrap room!
And having a bit of a vivid imagination - my vision turned to this image of Micky Mouse with the brooms and buckets in 'The Sorcerer's Apprentice! It was as if all my scraps had grown legs and marched in continual lines across my desk and onto the floor........they were everywhere! It's time to SORT (shock) !!
What do you do with scraps? I'm thinking of putting them into sizes because its not working willynilly in multiple various boxes stacked on one another! (rolling eyes)
Most certainly, creating this 365 8x8 journal has forced some issues - both good and bad regarding scraps - good in that I'm USING them!!!! Though, bad because I'm continually shuffling through them making more mess (but good in a way) that I MUST deal with handling and filing them better!


amuffoletto said...

I love your journal pages. I am trying this 365 journal as well. Your work is beautiful.

Jenneke said...

I recognize your problem, Mandy! My work is all around my scrappingroom. Some of them are hanging on the wall, almost in 3 layers.. have to change it!!
Love your journal pages!!!!!

Carol (honeywine) said...

I love your blog Mandy .... popped it onto my blogroll

As for scraps I cut them into sizeable pieces and use them to make cards...... I have to force myself to do this - but at least I feel good about using them up

My scrap room is a real pickel and I know that I shoudl do something about it...... but then I start to create and that thought is lost!!

LEA said...

oooh you are so good dong your journal mandy. love your pages and congrats on another scrapping accolade at stm, your creations are fantastic!
in regards to scraps-i kep wayyy too many. bella has access to them and i try to use tem for cards, not that i make many cards...

Gladie said...

Scraps? I cut them into pieces large enough for ATC, or punch them. Are they smaller I throw them away. Trash bin, actually *blush*. I used to collect those small pieces too, had them in a 12x12 cardboardbox. After realizing I never use them, I stopped collecting. Sometimes it's hard, and maybe I mix and match a few for a tag or two - but most of those small scraps go into the trashbin.

Lyndal said...

Hi Mandy Just dropped by to say HI - love your work :)
I find sorting my scraps by colour helps