Tuesday, 13 January 2009

12th January Journal

I did this in a temper! Weeeeell a little bit of one- note the top rubon and I avoid rubons!! I really dislike my camera! I liked my last camera but got frustated at not having zoom - then when I get a new camera with zoom - its the hardest camera to understand! I'm not an instructions-reading person .......but I've had to RESORT to reading instructions which are not clear and full of JARGON!! I've had it for 18mths and I still hate it! I wanted an SLR - but knew I WOULDNT be able to keep it in my handbag and it would be too heavy...they have to bump along with me!! So I got the closest thing to an SLR without the weight and could still go in my bag - but hooley dooley - I'm over it!! I paid too much for it to just sling aside to get a new one.....so I will see out another year with it. (BIG sigh) If it had a neck ....i'd throttle it! Luckily I lOVE photoshop elements which fixes a lot of the problems - but not without being time consuming!!


Jenneke said...

Hi Mandy,
it's in the middle of the night overhere in Holland (03.30), I can't sleep (did it too much the last two days). I am feeling a little bit better again.
Funny journal today! About 6 months ago I bought myself a Canon 40D and I love it!! It is heavy and it doesn't fit in my handbag but it is worth it!!

Gladie said...

I can understand your frustration... I hardly ever have the SLR with me because it's too big - and the Canon coolpix i used to have I gave away. Taking pictures with mobilephone is what I do - as it is always with me but the quality is so bad I could scream - not even photoshop can fix it... but hey - I get pics from situations where no-pic would be the alterantive, and sometimes that's fair enough.
In stead of murdering your camera, maybe you can sell it as slave? I bet there are lots of easy fooled guys on Ebay LOL ;P

Shimano (aka Christine) said...

love the LO - i too wanted a digital slr but made do with little digi camera - which i absolutely love. if i'm feeling particularly up to the challenge i get my slr out but it so hard using up the whole film and not knowing how the pics turn out until it gets developed.

The Tucker's and Wolek's said...

Sorry U hate the camera!!! BUTTTTTTTTTT...U made an AMAZING LO about it!!! LOVE IT! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):)